Most accurate replica pistol?

Hiya, very new, but i have a healthy interest in getting a gel blaster, i’ve been doing research and i’ve learned heaps but i’m also a bit lost…
As far as what i want? that’s easy
CO2 Gas charged
As accurate and realistic a replica as possible.

Now as far as what’s out there??? I have no clue, i’ve surfed some of the vendors web sites, found many that are all sold out, looked on You tube etc. and i have read the vendors ranking page so i’m confident on who to buy from. I’m not confident in knowing what is a good quality product and what is junk…

I like the Wells 1911 but can’t find one (does the silver finish actually look like stainless? i would hate to see it plastic chromed… YUK!
the WE Tech Kimber replica looks pretty good? but is it?

Please educate me? I’m happy to spend my money on a decent item, don’t want to get bitten for being ill-informed or ignorant


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I would strongly recommend against ever buying any Wells. They’re notoriously unreliable, prone to breaking, and feel terrible in the hand. CO2 is also probably the worse option. It’s very hard on your blaster, and doesn’t provide much in the way of benefit.

Also no, they don’t look chrome. They look like a god awful gunmetal grey, and feel like pot metal.

My recommendation would be a Double Bell Glock if you want realism, any of them except the G19X are very accurate to the real thing, including with their markings. You can get a lot of models from iHobby. They also run on green gas, which is healthier for your blaster, and less of a hassle to deal with in the field.

If you want a high quality brand, your best bets are Posiedon, WE Tech and Double Bell, in that order.

Welcome to the forum <3

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Start with the Glock 22 from iHobby. It’s cheap and accurate and has the good DB fluted inner barrel

WeTech are reasonable and their 1911’s rattle like the real thing. They are accurate when you fit the double bell inner barrel. 4.3" 1911/2011 is a bit of a gimmick - 5.1 is better

I have 4 Wells pistols (that was all you could get initially). M9/92FS is great now mag problem is fixed, 1911 is fantastic and probably my best one and the G17’s need to be rebuilt, but they got thrashed in games, including running C02 mags

Haven’t got anything fancy as prefer realism to bling


Thank you for the replies, and the welcome.

What’s the difference between CO2 and Green gas? i presume CO2 is a throw away cartridge and green gas refills a tank in the mag from a disposable aerosol type container?

Wombat, I too am more into realism than “bling” there’s some fancy stuff out there though! crikey!!
You mention a Mag fix on the M9/92FS, (assuming that’s the Beretta replica?) what’s involved with doing that? is it something i would have to do myself or has it been an update in manufacturing?



You’re right in understanding which gas is which.

Green Gas tends to have silicone oil mixed into it, and come in at significantly lower pressure than CO2. This means that when your pistol recoils, there’s less backwards pressure being exerted on the slide, and less impact force felt on the components and rails, while still providing a very respectable FPS. You can also store magazines with green gas in them, and it is actually healthier for them if you do this. CO2 is too high pressure to be stored in the magazine long-term, and it will damage the rubber seals.

This also means that when it actually comes to game days, and plinking in the back yard, it’s a LOT easier to just shoot some green gas in the bottom of a mag, and use it as you need it. If you use CO2, you produce a lot of annoying waste, and you HAVE to use the whole thing after you pierce it. That’s fine for game days, but if you just want to target shoot in the back yard, it can get pretty annoying.

It is however more affected by the environment. Cold days will mean you’ll get less shots and pressure out of your magazines, and will need to give them some time to warm up after rapid firing. You may get less shots per refill, too. You will however get at least 1 full mag of gels before you have to do so. Usually 2 or 3.


There usually cheaper at ihobby in terms of the double bells but would definitely recommend purchasing from a different place please check out the retailers ranked topic I believe most if not all in the S tier of that topic stock the double bell range


Ok cool, so how many rounds will a CO2 canister fire compared to a refill of green gas in an average magazine?
I’m assuming most pistol magazines hold 8 to 10 gels max?

Thanks for taking the time, it’s very difficult finding this out without knowing where to look… or asking here LOL

Happy to help my man <3

Out of a CO2 magazine you’ll get probably 60-80 shots. Green gas 30-50.

It’s been a while since I’ve played with them, but if I remember right;

Glock 19s will get about 10-12 shots
Glock 17s will get about 12-14
Hicapas will get about 12-14
1911A1s (with the slim mag) will get about 6
SIG P226s get about 12
Beretta M9s get about 12.


The original batch of Wells Berettas had a leaking discharge valve in the C02 magazine. It was fixed with a stronger valve that the latest ones should have


I’m getting 14 with my DB sig. and decent accuracy at 15m.


Awesome thread, great advice :ok_hand:
Happy to see so much knowledge being shared :sunglasses:

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For the technical/mod types C02 doesn’t hurt your blaster especially if you short stroke it and it will give 40-50 fps more. Depends on your situation though and how you use it. C02 cartridges fit the bill for mine as funk gas is not readily available for me.


please for the love of god dont get a wells 1911. especially the basic. I used mine and it broke in the first game.

Personally, i prefer green gas. and run the posiden orion 3 as my main sidearm. That has a inbuilt hopup. full auto and semi auto. and can be changed to HPA. I highly highly recommend.


I would actually like the Beretta that Wells make, but based on the replies it looks like they are prone to problems so my other favourite would be the We Tech Kimber 1911…

Got a Wells (Atomic Armory) 1911 and Beretta. Both are great but had to get the bugs out them. Wells Glocks not so good.


Good old WELLS……
The only company to constantly produce crap products since the dawn of time, and yet continue to refuse to up their game and provide a decent blaster in spite of the rest of the industry moving forward :roll_eyes:

I would name them the “Lada Niva” of manufacturers…… but even Lada still has less issues and breakdowns than WELLS! :joy:

I still maintain that the Wells MP5 was one of the best early gas blasters, that despite being nylon and the magazine needing its feed channel lubed, was pretty reliable, accurate, and a real giggle to plink with.


I’m still shopping…

I like the realistic 1911 look and this one has the hi-capa magazine which they say holds 17.

Thoughts on the quality of it? reliability, pricing etc?
It’s a green gas type which i think i’ve come around to preferring and the higher capacity i like as well.

One thing i would really like is a decent pair of custom type grips, maybe timber if anyone can point me in the right direction?

Also there’s warnings about modding them? I’ve read the rules so i’m not looking to get anyone in trouble with instructions on illegal mods but do heavier springs help? is it a common thing? is there a benefit from it?


This is the other one i’m considering…

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I went to Tactical edge at Mt.Gravatt today, very impressed with that store, super helpful, no BS and a great range.
Of course I changed my mind when i was in there and came away with a WETECH “Black Dragon” wanky name but i think i’m going to have some fun with it.

Thanks for the advice and tips people, i appreciate it, now to learn all about how to use it…

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