New barrel problem

Gel barrel problem

I recently got a 270 (9.5 outer,7.5 inner) aluminum gel barrel, it was like 1.5 inches short so I took a wider pipe and overlapped it and slid it over the new barrel to compensate for the amount it was short. I tried it today and it’s very inconsistent. Should I get a longer barrel or take the bigger piece off and cut some of the shell of the gun so it’s long enough?

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I’d be getting a longer barrel myself instead of sawing the handguard/shell off.

Ok ok, but what if I do? Will it affect it I don’t want to re ship it out and pat for shipping

Larger barrel over a smaller creates an inconsistent diameter at the joint, allowing some air to pass around, push, or spin the ball in an unpredictable way. No good for accuracy.

Ideally you get a new, longer barrel. The 7.5mm alloy barrels are fairly cheap to replace. That said, i have chopped a few handguards down to fit what i needed it to.

Another option, keep the new barrel. Re-port the cylinder if needed and have the hopup or muzzle break tucked into the handguard a bit more.

I recently got o new metal barrel and it seems that it is cutting the gells up, there’s no hop up or anything on it, should I sand it down?

More info is needed here to understand what may be going on.

First of all
What blaster?
What size barrel? ID OD
Have you cut or modified the barrel?
How did you instal it?
Have change gels, grow times or any other changes?

The thing is it may not be gels slicing, they could be jamming in the barrel or if the barrel has not been installed properly you have feeding issues.

Yes barrels need to have a clean smooth finish after being cut but if you have not cut the barrel then it is likely something else.

I have a run qi blaster it’s a 7.5 and yes they are fully charged, I didn’t modify the barrel

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The P90? Gel Blaster RQ Runqi P90 - US STOCK - Gel Blaster Gun

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Yea my parents got it for me for Christmas so I did some upgrades to make it decent

If you did not modify the barrel it is unlikely the barrel that is the issue but the installation.
You mentioned you did other mods.

Literally anything could be causing the issues you are m experiencing and it will be very difficult to diagnose via a forum conversation.

The barrel was the only mod I glued it into the t piece as far in as it allows you to

Have you tried adding a proper hop up to the end of the inner barrel instead of a piece of tube. They will give you extra length and help accuracy.

But if it’s cutting the gels up I’d be looking down the bore and especially the t piece area where you glued the barrel in might be a bit of glue is protruding where they join. :person_shrugging: Use a magnifying glass only needs the tiniest nick and it will shred gels.


Was it shredding gels before you changed the barrel?

The nozzle seat and gel feed lead in surfaces have to all be very rounded and smooth to prevent cutting of the gels :ok_hand:

Just checked out the model details…… $50 blaster @ 150fps sorta already gives us the idea that is not going to be a very good blaster for performance/accuracy or be overly successful in upgrading :thinking:

Yea my parents got it for me for Christmas I’m happy with it even though people say it’s not the best

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Yea I’m getting one, any good hop up suggestions?? I’m looking for a cheap one

No worries mate, wasn’t taking the piss about it, I’m sure that you would have been very excited to get it for a Chrissy prezzy :+1:

Comment was regarding the ability to get much performance/accuracy from this type/model blaster.

You can certainly change many parts and improve it quite a bit better than the stock performance, but don’t be disappointed if you spend a bit of money on it and it doesn’t get the results that you are expecting.

Enjoy mate, and hope it’s only the first of many to come with your participation in this hobby :sunglasses::+1:

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Regarding parts…… many of your US blasters were never seen here in our country, especially stuff from Orbeez or Spattrball, so there wouldn’t be anyone who could say with any certainty about what parts that might fit your blaster.

We are aware of all the makes/brands/models that we are experienced with here, but we don’t know the workings or specifications of these overseas type blasters which are quite different in many ways to ours.

All I can suggest is finding out the suppliers where your parents bought it from and get in contact with them in regards to what parts are available that will fit your specific blaster :+1:

You’ll have to check what will fit. Inner barrel OD, outer barrel ID. Does the outer barrel extend beyond the inner.
Sweetheart are ok for a slip on to 9.5mm inner barrel OD if you have not much room between the outer barrel. Rizers that may fit. DK if they fit. You’ll have to measure up.

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He’s certainly got some measuring to do! :joy:

Pretty much looks like would have to replace the inner barrel to fit anything on these things.

Close look at the product pics can’t see any inner barrel room to fit a hop and definitely don’t have a 14mm CCW outer to play with either.

Don’t even know what inner barrel or T-piece these might run or if spares are available. :thinking:

A few more pics of the actual blaster might certainly help out and make things easier.

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I sawed off the outer barrel and there’s a little bit room, I’ll send them I get home from school