New BF Mp-7....( or...LDT, is that you..?)

Very quick burst here, on the new BF mp-7

We’ve all seen the older models, ok for the price point, but detail wise, a little muted.

The LDT was good performance wise ( when gearbox issues fixed), and aesthetically, was top notch.

The new BF is virtually indistinguishable.

Can you tell, which is which.??

Here is a close up, of the detail levels on the BF…

The LDT is heavier, but they are both virtually identical, looks wise.

Haven’t checked performance yet, only expecting it to be around the 180-200 fps mark.

It has a removable , threaded barrel tip, if you want to screw on a suppressor.
Select fire switching is smooth, mag release lever is functional, pulling the slide activates mag prime.

These were all static, on the previous model.

For $100 at taccies…do yourself a favour…grab one.

@jazzyward, you might wanna think about grabbing one…
Cheap 2nd useable blaster, if your gas model ever plays up…

Cheap as chips.!

Oh, and the BF was the top one, in the previous photos…

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If it’s the Zhi Bo MP7 V5 at Taccy Toys for $101 you’re reffering to it’s…

And I’ve got an additional 10% off discount code too… that would have been a $90 MP7…

Damn… :rage:

Dont tell me i bought the last one…!! :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:

Ive often wondered…
How much it costs them, to get them to point of sale…

i.e. , if they can sell it on sale, at $100, and still turn a (small) profit,

What do they pay for them…?
I wonder what the cost price is , per unit, landed?

Basic rule of thumb i thought for pricing was 33% to buy the product, %33 to run the business and 33% for profit.

So a $100 blaster likely costs them ~$33

That doesn’t allow for savings at scale or other differences between vendors operations.

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Pretty cheap, if $33 gets you a blaster like that…!

Its a popular item…they’ll be back in stock soon enough …and have more sales again…!

Now, somebody get these guys, to make an uzi…!! :rofl: :rofl:

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Or an Intratec TEC-9!

Dang. Going to go in the corner and have a little sulk

Where can I find a small form factor semi-auto so I can compete with the big boys at Blacksite

Just off the top of my head…

I’ve got one… pretty neat. :+1:

Select fire, full auto, tiny mag holds about 40 gels. You get a drum with it though.