New GBB Rifles

What are your thoughts on these new GBB rifles hitting the market?
They look pretty cool… but $1800 a pop they’re well out of my price range.
Does anyone have any experience with these?


As you said looks cool but if I was spending that much I’m going HPA.


I’d hesitate to say these are hitting the market, there’s only a few of each, so it’s more like a pre-release wave. I would like to see these be more common, and cheaper though. My break point would probably be about 1200-1500 for an M4 with a removable carry handle.

The store owner is also a little bit… uh. Well he has his social media moments a lot. Like on the old forum he called everyone poor, and ridiculed those who wouldn’t pay the frankly obscene prices he charges. Something kind of similar happened on Reddit a while back, too.

I’d really love a GBBR M4, I just wish it wasn’t so fringe, basically.


He’s definitely not doing himself any favours trying to win over any potential customers on Reddit right now :roll_eyes:


Basically there’s nothing we can say that’s more damaging than what he’s doing to himself.
Imagine paying 1800 for it, have issues with the product and he tells you to sick a fat one…


I don’t know which will have higher “train wreck entertainment value”….

harry and meghan Netflix, or the reddit dumpster fire show….


Watching someone I’ve personally talked to bury himself in a mountain of shit over basic, and fair questions from consumers is a helluva lot more entertaining than a couple of poncy rich cunts have a domestic with poncier, richer cunts imo.

I’ve already updated ECCB’s position on the rankings list. His old B grade was tenuous at best, but when the homophobia came out, he sealed his fate in the C locker.


For a person who readily asks so many people to “suck his balls”…
One wonders , where he stands on the sexual spectrum…

Repression can lead to anger, and there is a fair bit of that on display…

" Thou doth protest, too much…!"


For my vote…$1800 for a GBB M4…
Or…if santa says im nice…

$2400 for a stand up arcade machine , with 2200 arcade games…

I’ll take the latter…in the retro space invaders wrap…!!

Locally built and backed, cheap /easy joystick and button replacement parts, what a winner…!!


He has converted airsoft GBBR m4s himself. There is nothing production about these at all. You can see how he has machined the magazine shells to feed gels.


Hey @Jas …… I was pretty certain that I had already seen a Chinese Gel Manufacturer already advertising these GBB M4 style blasters which were specifically designed for gels and the GBB Bolt system.

I will have to go back through my YouTube account history, but I’m 99.9% certain that this system definitely has already been designed and marketed by these Chinese Manufacturers…… NOT some wannabe clown on Reddit stroking his tiny little………

…….ego :roll_eyes::joy:

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I haven’t been able to locate the old Chinese GBBR YouTube video that I watched some time ago…… but there’s definitely lots of people playing with these things when a simple google search is run :+1:

@Azraeles doing something different with an EBBR!

21st October 2020! :flushed:
Chinese gel GBBR advertisement.
Definitely NOT new technology :roll_eyes:

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Found it…… damn sexy too! :joy:
Again, this is way back in 2020!

East Coast Custom Blasters CERTAINLY haven’t reinvented the wheel on this one, and I’m sure that these Chinese GBBR’s would be available for much less than $1800, especially when they are going on 3 years old now :thinking:


Gun or the girl?
20 characters


Both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
16 characters and one emoji :joy:

Pretty sure that’s a guy.:man_facepalming:

"making a list, checking it twice…

Gonna find out, who’s caught up in vice…"

I.P trackers, are coming, to town… :rofl: :rofl:


@DocBob perhaps you mistook what I meant. Danny is converting air soft gbbrs. They are not production. There have been 2 gas AR15s released in China and 1 HK416A5. Unfortunately China is not letting them out of the country. johnnies were seized by Chinese customs and remain there to this day. This is why Oz retailers are turning their eyes towards Taiwan as there is no customs restrictions there.
It buggers me how ihobby got the wells Aks in. They have told me an M4 is coming before the end of the year but that’s looking less likely.
Oh an if you want to know how I know ECCBs M4s are home conversions of we tech airsoft I had a deposit on the first one until he went psycho on me when I was asking too many questions. In particular regarding the machined mag shell. He had gouged them pretty bad with the first lot because he was doing them by hand.
As for Azraels electric blowback. I have zero interest. There is a far better version in China where it has a functional bolt like a gas blow back but operated by gears manufactured by ATM. Looks realistic unlike azraels which really is no different to having a mock bolt on an aeg banging back and forward but serving no purpose.


Thanks heaps for the detailed feedback.
Certainly a wealth of first hand knowledge/experience on this subject :ok_hand:

I was simply confused about this joker claiming to be the very first to invent/modify GBBR for our Gel Hobby, even though I had already been following its development for years :thinking:

Unfortunately I am not in a position to ever own one, and never had any interest in Gas Blasters whatsoever, until I was sent that FB GLOCK G18C to review.

That took me quite some time to purchase the proper gas, filler adapter, hardened gels, silicone oils etc. etc. to even be able to operate it properly for a review…… as I had absolutely no GBB equipment or experience whatsoever :flushed::roll_eyes:

If this fella is having a crack at copying the already previously produced Gel specific GBBR, which I had no idea was not available outside of China…… good on him, as it’s this type of innovation that makes this stuff available for players in Australia.

But WOW!
His prices/ego/attitude are not going to have customers lined up banging on his door with fist fulls of cash looking to deal with his products :man_facepalming: