Non Imitation Gel Blasters

Topic for discussion of any blasters that don’t imitate firearms as these are the only option for some states.

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The following have been confirmed in emails with VicPol LRD:

Imitation Firearms (Illegal)
Wells See-Through Receiver M4
BingFeng P90s.
Halo MA5C/K Battle Rifle
TSOL Fire Elite

Toy Firearms (Legal)
Overwatch Tracer Pistol
Gelblaster Surge


TSOL is surprising, wonder what the status on the smaller TSOL Infinity is

Saw this the other day too,
Fairly sci fi @BME


Considering that they still require a GBB G17/19 to be mounted inside I’m fairly sure it would still be illegal.


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Hi JazzyWard

Have LRD just flat out banned gel blasters under imitation firearms?

Because i am of the understanding you can still have them if you hold the correct licences (ie. a collectors or rein-actors licence)

They then fall under the same rulings as replicas and imitations (ie. Denix)

I have confirmed this through my collectors club, who are directly linked to a national firearm body and hold talks with LRD regularly.

not looking to be smart or argue, but to clarify that while its technically true GBB are illegal, they can still be had legally in Vic*

I understand the confusion, as that was the case formerly. Approximately 9-12 months ago, by my best estimate (I’m bad at time :laughing: ) they updated their regulations and stated that there is no reasonable excuse to possess an imitation firearm gel blaster.

While it is still technically possible with Commissioner approval, VicPol have not and will not grant any further PTAs authorizing their purchase since the change.

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thanks mate. Your time line is about right, thats roughly when i inquired and it was towards the end of Covid lockdowns so maybe since then things have come back into force.

I will go back to the collectors club for some more clarity.
Most collectors and reenactor clubs already have Commissioner approval by default, which grants such acquisition. (similiar to not requiring a PTA for a denix, as no serial number exists)

Also all black with a shape that can be mistaken for a firearm is a no go you need a licence for deactivated ammo in vic there extremely strict

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Low hopes for this upcoming Hasbro Nerf model, thoughts?

Much more aggressive profile than Gelstorm



It’ll be banned in all the usual places. Low hopes for Vic :pensive:

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I can guarantee will be banned in WA as well :roll_eyes:
Their laws used to ban Gel Blasters not only targeted their “appearance as replica guns”, but also made illegal because “they propelled a projectile”.

There was bullshit talk about them also being in the same category as Air Rifles, being that they used a “spring to compress air to propel a projectile”.

Along with the absolute ridiculous media statement that they were being “converted to real firearms by criminal groups”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Obviously a direct effort to scare the general public to how dangerous these plastic toys are to the safety of the community.

So yeah…… these might not meet the “appearance” laws, but they still fall under the bans in the sense that they are an air powered mechanism that shoots a projectile.
WAPOL and the State Government also declared GELS as prohibited “ammunition”, which means that being caught with old gels in the fridge or packets in a cupboard, can see you fined as well…… even if you don’t even have any blasters!

That means that even if these were sold here, buying and having gels in your possession is an offence in itself :flushed:

Pretty stupid when you compare these same exact laws and terminology with NERF and the hundreds of other kids toys available in K Mart, Toyworld etc. which would all fail the “appearance” and “propel a projectile” laws that were used in banning Gel Blasters :rage:



You know, if things being capable of propelling a projectile makes them illegal…

Watch out Western Australia!

Dangerous, deadly firearms have been seen distributed amongst your population.

If you see anyone with this terrifying, horrendous weapon, you should report them to the police!


Protect your fellow Australians, and dob in any dangerous crim you see with one of these in their homes! They’re often not even locked up as irresponsible parents let their children play with these lethal tools!


Would be funnier if it actually wasn’t so bad close to the truth! :flushed::roll_eyes::confused:


and to think, WA use to have the best Replica laws in the country.

there was a gentlemen who used to make some of the best replica firearms (i’m talking 1980 Japanese imitation quality - cock, click, weight, wood and timber ) and you could buy them no questions asked.

what happened? now its QLD with the best replica and GBB laws

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I only have one question…

Where can i buy that Spas-12…!!!

Seriously…!! :rofl: :rofl:

There’s plenty available in the Asoft world, but not much anywhere else :confused:
Have a browse here and see if you can find anything :thinking:

Worth emailing VicPol about, but I’d have to guess Vic legal given that it features both bright colours and a non real steel 1:1 silhouette.

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Perhaps this passes the test. Not sure…

Black Red Stumpy

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In that sort of form it could, honestly looks like something out of starwars.

But if it had a stock probably not.

Speaking of which why aren’t there any images of it with stocks?