NSW Corrections Officer case update

I just thought I’d share an interesting update to this case.


Oh shit, the public opinion tide is turning. FINALLY.


Not public opinion at all.
Only sensationalised bullshit from a few ‘Karens’ and most of the mainstream media!
The lawmakers knew that a lot wouldn’t get handed in anyway.
This however just adds to their revenue stream when people get caught

NSW: Where paintball isn’t considered a firearm but gel blasters are.


It does seem sus of NSWPOL IMO. They took Brad Towner of AH to court when he was still operating in NSW, he won but they still banned gel blasters anyway.

NSWPOL logic is broken.


Here’s the update:

Apparently these cases can’t be used to do a ban reversal. That sounds like NSWPOL is plugging their ears going “lalalalalalalala i can’t hear you!”

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It’s not, it’s how Australian law works.

Common law is extremely powerful, and if there was no written law it would be the standard by which the police would have to adhere.

Unfortunately, NSW has legislative law that covers gel blasters by definition, and as the report says, the judge was forced to find him guilty, but after doing so dismissed the charges.

To make the police listen, NSW’s parliament would have to pass new legislation that would categorize gel blasters under a new definition.


“In possesion of body armour”… :joy:

seems like a fair assessment. just a shame it’s never so straightforward… but since when has politics ever been straightforward?

I wonder how the crime rate in WA has changed since they removed the menace that was the gel blaster :thinking:

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or in any of the banned states? i doubt there’s any appreciable difference.

Knife crime, is the reality , that’s on everyone’s mind…

Forget about the “perceived” threat of gel blasters, which are ultimately harmless in a confrontation situation…

The kids are carrying, and do not hesitate to use , knives and other weapons….causing serious injury, and fatalities, over trivial amounts of money…

Ban all knives…let the chopstick revolution begin…!!!


death by a biopak butter knife.

make it that only licensed chefs can use knives.

i’m obviously only joking…
You’ll never get rid of knives, as we all need them everyday…

The road toll kills about 1200 people per year, and as a statistic of “x” number of deaths per 100 000 people.
This number will only ever increase, as population increases , even if the rate stays the same…

Noone is saying " Ban the car"…its just an accepted risk, living modern life…

The contents of fast food, will kill you quicker than the knife will…!! :joy: :joy:

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i know, so was i.

everything is a risk, everything can kill you. just a matter of whether the risk is acceptable.

Katana chopsticks…

Rice beware, everywhere…

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i had keyrings of apex legends weapons get checked by customs once.

It is worrying to see how readily these teenage kids will pull their knives. Had an incident recently where one of them pulled a knife on one of us old guys after someone asked him to hold his loud phone call a bit further away so we could continue our conversation.

Tough guy ripped out his knife (illegal stilleto) and threatened on of the guys. Problem was he got too close and the guy he threatened is black belt martial arts guru. Result wasn’t pleasant for knife guy. His mate who “fell over” an XY Falcon jack probably regretted reaching for his knife as well


This will become mandatory viewing at this rate,

In all seriousness it is pretty worrying, less that people have em and more that they are eager to use them.

It took me a lot of time and luck, as well as a fair bit of discipline with my writing to get to my position on violence. And that viewpoint still struggles when I am properly pissed.

Knowing that and how much violence is encouraged in media, and how much you can want it just by default it’s scary and a lil sad to think about.

I hope the people like that get the help they need to move forward, shouldn’t have to worry about being stabbed, shouldn’t have to feel like you should stab someone either.

It’s be cool if the scared half of people would chill the fuck out too, would be great to cut up an apple sittin on a bench at the park and not have to worry someone is gonna think you’re a serial killer or whatever.

Just goes to show, they are ultimately cowards.
Acting very tough, in numbers, and with a weapon…

But nothing much else apart from that.

Most people would acquiesce to fear, and submit
(And let’s face it, that’s the sensible option for most, everyday people)

But, faced with superior skill, they have nothing…
And have, all sorts, of nasty accidents…