Official Buy/Sell Thread

As of today, we are now allowing the sale of blasters on the forum.

The purpose of this process is to pay mind to both security, and your privacy. On the old forum, it was standard practice to have moderators spying on all of your DMs, and we aim to avoid this.

The following process must be adhered to if you wish to sell your blaster. Posts not following this process will be removed.


  1. DM a moderator with your for sale ad. Do NOT post it yourself.

  2. The moderator will post your ad in the buy/sell thread.

  3. If someone expresses interest in your blaster, (and is legal) a moderator will connect you.

  4. You two discuss the sale as usual, the moderator can leave now.

Please use the following ad template:

Make/Model: e.g. Double Bell M4A1 RIS
Special Notes: e.g. Upgraded spring, upgraded DD Omega handguard, little picture of a space man engraved in the side, etc.
Price: $AUD preferred.
Pick Up Location: e.g. Sandgate 4021
Pictures: Mandatory


  1. If you see an ad that interests you, DM a moderator.

  2. Mods will check you’re legal, then connect you.

  3. You two discuss the sale as usual, the moderator can leave now.

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Example Ad

Make/Model: Bedside Warrior Master Baiter
Special Notes: Well used by OP’s mother
Price: $69
Pick Up Location: Top beside drawer, preferably with gloves


The bazaar is OPEN! Please carefully read the thread before making sales posts.


Soooo…. here’s a test run.
I am in Western Australia.
I have 2 x IMAX B6 Battery Chargers that I would like to legally sell.

1 X Cheap China Copy that’s been checked and tested to be within 0.01% accurate as the original.

1 X GENUINE IMAX B6 Charger, all leads/plugs included, or I can fit/solder/attach whatever you require……. because Batteries and Battery Chargers are NOT illegal in Western Australia.

Shoot the @moderators a message, and can organise an actual LEGAL parts sale from WA to any other State in Australia, as batteries and chargers are nothing more than RC Hobby accessories :white_check_mark:

Make/Model: We-Tech Gbbr M4 Tan Colour
Special Notes: Basically brand new. Have put about 3 full mags through it. The only marks are where the Mag was converted at East Coast Custom.
Price: $1200
Pick Up Location: Coolum. Can post at buyers expense


MKcnc v2m built gearbox - 500 aud
shs piston 14 teeth
brass ltd noozle and piston head
shs 13:1 gear
element high torque motor
shs m100 spring
mkth steel bushings
100% cylinder

db gearbox shell (radiused) w/spring guide 75
cast gear 18:1 10
100% cylinder brass/alloy 10
80% cylinder brass 10
tcb 11.1v 3cell 2200mah battery(deans) 35
db 1.3 spring(270fps- on 80% cylinder) 10
db piston + piston head 15
db cylinder head+nozzle 15
stock m4 metal trigger 10
stock db motor (metal pinion) 20
green gas tap macro line 35
36cm 7.5id barrel 10
25cm 7.5 id barrel 7
35 outer barrel 14mm thread 15
element m135 spring, brand new, sealed 15
sdk glock 50

special note: none
Price: see above
Pick Up Location: dinmore 4303 or ship at buyers expense

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Wanted to buy… Mauser Gel Blaster.
I don’t care if its working or not, I’m only after the shell.
It was an older, cheaper model, released around 2020.
I cant see it for sale, with any of the retailers.

I’m in QLD.


Make/Model: Polarstar Jack V2 HPA Kit
Special Notes: Kit has been barely used and it is in perfect condition. It comes with:
Jack engine
Mag cables
Trigger board
Braided IGL line
Spare Solenoid
Spare o-ring kit
Spare trigger board
Spare mag cables
TechSav grease

Price: $600
Pick Up Location: Pickup from 4209 but can also ship for free.

Make/Model: Gladiatair U122 HPA Tank
Special Notes: Includes regulator
Price: $300
Pick Up Location: Pickup from 4209

Make/Model: Polarstar Micro Regulator with 36" braided air line for HPA

Price: $150
Pick Up Location: Pickup from 4209 but can also ship for free.

We tech allosaurus
Special Notes: Not gelblasting anymore really, so looking to cull some of collection. Starting with the hicapa, i just use the db g17 more often. Not alot of use maybe 20 mags at best, welcome to try before you buy.
Price: $150
Pick Up Location: cornubia 4130


Make/Model: Wells 1911 Tactical, with
2 x condor belt pistol pouches
1 x condor chest pistol pouches
1 x speed loader and mag pouch
1 x tan dump bag
Special Notes: AA Branding.
Price: $200
Pick Up Location: 4209 Coomera

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Make/Model: Galaxy m82a1
Special Notes: looking to cull some of the collection, spring sniper comes with 2 mags, has upgraded spring, riser hop up installed and a acog scope. welcome to try before you buy.
Price: $150
Pick Up Location: cornubia 4130

Make/Model: GBF receiver with Aztech Scythe.
Special Notes: It’s a GBF cnc b.a.d Skeletonized receiver, a split scythe gearbox a gate titan expert warhead black 36k 12:1 gears short stroked by 2 teeth. Apache, aztech accu-port, adjustable T-peice, m140, m115 and a m90 sping. Comes with 2 different SI stocks a few mags and plenty of spares including a warhead Base 45k motor. Does 36 rps and can run a m140 spring easily.
Price: $750.
Pick Up Location: Enoggera 4051


Make/Model: XYL CA870
Special Notes: Like new, unused, still in box.
Price: $80 ONO
Pick Up Location: Cairns 4870

Make/Model: 1) JG AU-2G Electric Automatic - 2) M4 Electric Automatic
Special Notes: AUG used only once at home, M4 never used, both are in exceptional condition, with everything they’re sold with and in their respective, original boxes.
Price: $180 each or $360 as a set
Pickup Location: Aspley, 4034, Qld

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Make Model: LDT MP5 Nylon version with metal gears
Special Notes: New in box, never used, just tested to work. Full metal handguard/picatinny rail, comes with all original accessories plus extras: 2 extra magazines, metal upgrade parts: trigger, fire cap, charging handle, Mount etc as pictured
Price: $AUD 350
Pick Up Location: 4116 or shipping via Australia Post $15

Make Model: Double Bell Kar98K Spring powered
Special Notes: Brand new in box, never really used, just tested to work. High quality full metal and real wood construction, spring powered, includes all original accessories: shells
Price: $AUD 400
Pick Up Location: 4116. Too large to ship via Australia Post but can consider trying to disassemble to ship if requested.