Rules and Announcements

This thread will be used to catalogue all official announcements from staff, in addition to the four basic rules.

  1. No illegal behavior.

This is basically the only zero tolerance rule that we’ll have here. Selling replica style blasters to Vic/Tas, to unlicensed buyers in SA, or to anyone in WA, NT or NSW, will result in moderator action. This applies to purchasing from those states outside of these situations as well. This rule also applies to discussing, advocating, or encouraging the conversion of gel blasters to airsoft markers.

  1. No genuine harassment or bigotry towards other members. This includes racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism, etc.

This does not apply to jokes that everyone is clearly taking in good fun. Warnings will be provided via DM if it goes outside of these bounds before any actual action is taken. We don’t expect we’ll ever actually have to enforce this rule, but it needs to be set in stone for when we do.

  1. No excessive spamming.

You can have a little spam sometimes, as a treat. Not a problem. But for example if GBU were to come in, and post on every thread saying ‘Buy from GBU!’ action would be taken in these circumstances.

  1. All buy/sell offers must be made through the official post.

This is the most happy medium we can find between both allowing the sale of blasters, and complying with state laws Australia wide. The post, and format can be found here.

And that’s it!


Updated rules

A recently joined member has pointed out that our new user experience said nothing about our buy/sell rules. This fixes that.