Random AEG questions

Just a topic for anyone with aeg inquiries or problems


Is there a hopup available for the SKD m1911? I see the one from tomahawk, but they dont ship to the US.
Looking primarly at Ali and zhenduo.

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If you know someone with a 3d printer there might be some stl files on the net that you could use to print one
I found some a couple of years ago
Might be some better ones out there now :+1:


I have a 3d printer, but Im lazy with it now. Rather pay someone else to do it.

Id like to eventually stick an alloy barrel on it, would make adding a hopup easier.

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There are barrels available in australia that have a hopup buit in:

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Ahhh…… the good old DESAXE returns! :flushed::joy:


The what ? LOL :clown_face:


POSEIDON Barrels……. read the fine print instructions on the box! :flushed::joy:

Has anyone had any success with these barrels? I replaced my SS barrel that was consistent 320fps after swapping out ranging from 240 to 290. Accuracy is there it’s just all over the place.

On my Poseidon Orion it works wonders pin point accuracy.

Havent used one myself, is the ID of the barrels the same or different? if the Posideon is larger it could account for the loss in FPS.
If they are the same maybe there is an airleak? or perhaps becuase of the “hopup” the barrel length isnt the same? something to do with the pressure variable?
someone with bigger brains than i should be able to clarify :smiley:


Same 7.3mm id, pretty sure barrel length is the same without factoring hop up in. I’m planning to redo t piece see if that makes a difference.

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Has anyone jumped on these yet? Full metal and metal internals. Mate at work brought one averaging 280 to 300fps not the 350fps I think it claims on the website. Are the JG works just standard v2 gearboxes?


I remember someone from the old forums picked one up and said it was pretty solid. Pretty sure they are standard v2.


might be a good buy for a project build

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I think it will need some work as you said seems to be shooting all over the place.

Tell you what though it’s got some weight to it compared to my metal blasters.

Is there any significant difference between a short vs long barrel? Say, 100mm vs 400mm.

Theres no rifling, so as long as it has time time achieve the same velocity, with the correct porting, does accuracy change much?

Can see how a longer barrel might be less sensitive to porting or spring changes, so easier to get accurate.

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Anyone want to guess the port size below? Notice the little tab and the cylinder has the grovez


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Cylinder length measured on screen is 41mm, port is at 30mm. Probably a 75% port, assuming 70mm cylinder

Barrel length for 7.5mm barrel and ve of 1.7 should be 303mm


Thanks cylinder length is 72mm and barrel is 295mm. I wouldn’t think that would cause gels flying left and right.

If you are looking for “accuracy” in Gel Blasters…… you will be severely disappointed unfortunately :frowning:

Yes, barrel size, length, ID, materials, gels, porting, RPS, FPS, Hop-up’s and muzzle breaks all have a total effect on “accuracy” in any blasters.

Most of the time it comes down to looking at what combinations other people have built/using with good results in their particular blasters and trying the same parts in your own builds :+1:

Everything else comes down to trial and error for what works best for your own blaster. There’s also no guarantee that what works for one blaster will work in another exact same model, mainly due to bad QC in the build quality of all the different components.

So…… best advice is to copy someone else’s build and also stock up with as many different parts that you can find, to enable yourself to have as much as possible on hand to trial out yourself with each individual build.

This way, you can try out the difference between short and longer barrels, bore sizes, ported cylinders etc. to find what suits the performance that you are looking for :ok_hand:

That’s what I used to do anyrate! :sunglasses::+1: