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Tac Edge have started their Easter sale

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Just a note to potential buyers. Tac Edges descriptions of their blasters performance do not match whats delivered. Do you research elsewhere before purchasing from them.

True that… :+1: knowledge is power.

In fairness I’ve always taken seller performance claims with a grain of salt anyway. With a very few exceptions I’ve always figured I’m pulling it apart to improve performance just as a routine part of purchase. :man_shrugging:


Also standard mass manufacturing resulting in variations of performance between thousands of the exact same products is always a lottery :roll_eyes:

True … but these are not $20 cap guns from Mr Toys. When GB retailers charge the same price for toys as the real thing (in the US), they need to be held to account for their claims on the performance and the service they deliver.

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WAT has a sale on too, and don’t be too upset but the A&K LMG’s are on sale.

Absolutely 100% correct!

You can expect this sort of bad QC from things such as the many $100 CYMA/JUND M4 CQB’s that I had piled up as to having vastly different performance test results, but if paying $700 for a quality built blaster, there should be no excuse for not operating to a very high standard.

I know that X-Force used to have a hard time having to strip and check out every single blaster sent by the manufacturers to ensure that they were working properly before putting into sales stock, but many retailers and drop shippers simply pass on whatever boxes are delivered unopened from the manufacturer straight to their customers :roll_eyes:

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Yep, that lines up with my experiences completely. Little to no QC performed and generally negative responses when you query said quality or performance.

Been burned to many times to extend any retailer the benefit of the doubt and will continue to name and shame at every possible chance.

Fkers gonna Fk though

I don’t do name and shame, not point as it is across the entire industry unfortunately, and isn’t always brand dependant either… But my time working at a store I have seen some pretty wild variations in sometimes the same box of blasters.

Some sounded good and would not last through warranty, some sounded horrendous, and just kept chugging along. Some blasters never made it close to advertised fps, but they would be sorted under warranty. I even seen a blaster that was advertised as 240-260fps, that was doing nearly 360fps! So it can go both ways. Seen some nylon pinion gears in metal geared blasters… the opposite, broken solder joints. You name it, mass production with stuff all QC is just the products we have. It is sad for the newcomers, and the people who can’t or don’t do their own repairs and upgrades.

End of the day, if you get a lemon, take it back to get fixed or swapped. It happens, sometimes, you just get a lemon. When I bought my SLR, it had ZERO lubrication. No grease, oil, NOTHING. I doubt it would have lasted long, but I will never know as I metal geared and gave it a full upgrade the first night I owned it.

Yeah it was something that became extremely obvious when I purchased like 17 odd model CYMA/JUND Black or Tan models from their very first release as $180-$250 blasters online.

But suddenl they were purchased pretty soon after for only like $89 with free shipping…… which I obviously went a bit stupid over, but to purchase such a great brand new release blaster for that price, I’m still surprised that I only managed to get 17 of the bloody things! :joy:

But like you said, any of us in this hobby don’t give a fck about the performance that is advertised, nor whatever upgraded features that the Retailer might be promoting……… because we are going to completely tear them to pieces straight out of the box and do our thing regardless of whether advertised performance or warranties are implied anyrate! :sunglasses::+1:

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I don’t pull any of my blasters apart as I know my limits. I’ve paid to have 4 of them upgraded.

And if the Quality is so variable, retailers should not claim performance figures.

Just my 2c … im prob in the minority.

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Most honest retailers will put the known tested performance in their advertising quite honestly by advertising a blaster just say as 220-240FPS, whereas others post rather inconclusive bullshit like “up to 280 FPS”……. which can mean that out of 20 they tested, one of them hit 280 once whilst the rest only managed 250! :roll_eyes:

So advertised FPS is always considered as a guideline only and not guaranteed in most cases when looking to purchase the standard run of the mill blasters, but big dollar modified versions should be very precise in their advertised FPS as they shouldn’t have any mass production variations whatsoever.

Unfortunately not much on sale

Tac Edge have CYMA/JUND M4 for $99

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Damn, that IS cheap. :+1:

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Cue Doc in 3, 2 1, ,… :rofl:

Cue Doc in 3 , 2 , 1……… purchased 17 of these fkn things when that one moment in history had whatever retailer had these at $78 with free shipping only months after their release into the market!

This is great to see though,as this is a realistic price that I hope will attract more people into this hobby and be able to get a decent product for a reasonable price :ok_hand:

Ahh, the CYMA CQB. Is it good, yeah its okay. It can be modified and upgraded so many ways it does make a great first blaster.
This hobby needs cheap and decent entry level gear to get people in, and they fit the bill pretty well.


Built several different blasters but always end back at the three CYMAs. Reliable, can handle m100 on nylon gears, red Chihai motor, full cylinder, hop up and various length 7.5 barrels. Delivers 280 to 300 fps reliably. Only limit is trigger response on semi and can’t compete against HPA running “330 fps (right)”

The CYMA became my go to for weird arse M4 builds… cheap price point and a decent moddable V2 to work with. Think I’ve had about four of them over the past few years. Pretty much a Gen 9 with more options and flexibility.

My highest outlay build is based on a CYMA full metal M16 receiver… no complaints about that one. :+1: