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Yes LeHui aug had tpiece issues.
JG has very good seals, you don’t need to do anything in seal department for any of the JG blasters.

What’s the consensus on importing parts like outer barrels? I know things like mags were prone to being seized along with triggers and anything labelled “Airsoft”.

Monkee Mods has a clearance sale on that’s mostly Kublai P1 parts but there’s other spare parts in there of use REAL cheap. haven’t checked what postage was like yet but last time I looked it was stupidly high.

edit: shipping is still stupid…$34 to ship a $36 order that only weighs 1.3kg.
Screenshot 2024-04-28 221556

I used to get bulk small parts from Monkey Mods for years, mainly because of their excellent service, cheap shipping and extremely fast delivery times.

I could order something on a Friday and have it in my mailbox by the following Wednesday/Thursday! :ok_hand:

I think the big difference was being in Western Australia though, which was much closer shipping times/cost wise due to parts having to travel the whole way across Australia, instead being sent directly from Malaysia to Perth.

They used to have reasonable shipping, I got a number of orders from them usually within 7 business days, but they used to offer multiple couriers of varying times but I only ever payed like $7 shipping cause I was never in a rush for the stuff.
Now they only offer this Aramex and it’s always almost if not more than the sum of the parts being shipped which is just insane.

Another ripoff, monopoly business…

Exorbident shipping rates…

Monkey Mods were another company that fell victim to the COVID era shakeup, along with the likes of ZHENDUO etc which used to be great businesses to deal with, but unfortunately they had to change their whole business models to keep operating during the fallout of such pressures. :frowning:

There was also a huge crackdown by Chinese Authorities against the manufacture and distribution of Gelblaster products globally, massive changes to the Laws around the methods in which Gelblaster’s could be advertised and visualised in online sales/marketing, and also the huge increase in shipping/postage costs created from the COVID “crisis”.

These larger legitimate suppliers such as ZHENDUO and Monkey Mods etc. had to make sweeping changes to stay in the market and to comply with all of the new regulations that were forced onto them……… whereas the massive drop shipping suppliers simply exploding and exploited the fact that they were able to bypass such restrictions and flourish in making good money ripping off unwary customers in this market :rage:

About 30mins in my experience.

Sale on at Tac edge, pretty mid sale overall. Some decent discounts like 50% off of the APS Patriot.

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JG works Sig552 added to ausgel sale.

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Must be struggling to move the vectors…

On sale already…and, i have a 10% off code.
Still a No, from me…

Someone pulled out the big boy dictionary for that description…

And aren’t they like $900 everywhere else normally?

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“Exemplifying meticulous attention to detail”.
…Except the ones that would make it an accurate replica. Get in quick the sale ends soon! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

While I generally applaude creative and well executed writing and often encourage said creativity with my progeny, I’ll acknowledge that I can be a little verbose and overly descriptive with word usage myself on occasions. That said, however, the only words I can come up with for this resplendent nugget of wordsmithing are…


Who are they tryin’ to kid? :laughing:

But the fancy words confuse the monkeys so they think it’s fancy too.

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It’s a friggin Gelblaster…… not expensive fine wine or a Lamborghini! :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Enter the domain of tactical excellence with our esteemed Kriss Vector”

Excuse me while I go do an esteemed word chunda :face_vomiting:

So many perfectly cromulent words. :laughing:

Cough cough.

"An incredulous blaster with a custom selector,
We present to you, our custom Kriss Vector…

With a plethora of features, to make anyone look twice,
listen closely, as we justify it’s exorbidant price…

Although it may be morphologically incorrect,
It superb accuracy, will leave your opponents emotionally wrecked

With bleeding bruises and welts, they wearily limp home,
Contemplating the inflictor, with envy and a moan.

With a ROF so high, its an oppenents disaster,
Just watch as it drains, your bank account faster…!!

With a fps , so high it will surely zing…
Thats after you acquiesce and purchase , an upgraded spring…

Honour the vector, of our unrivalled rendition,
Though the bank may query, your mortgage payment omission…

With an 11v battery, the mag empties faster…
And stops you from contemplating, this economic disaster…

All new / improved/ never been seen before…
Unless you purchased one, for a fraction, several years before…

When the gearbox goes bang, dont unduly lament…
Extended warranty covers parts, still waiting to be sent…!

Dont tarry, dont wait, dont extensively delay…
Grab your credit card, and order today…!!"

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Jeezus H Christ!

I’m getting Corey vibes from this type of over exaggerated literature :flushed:

Where is the “field ready” talk about leaving your opponents envious of such highly powered and quality TaccyToys/GBU “custom” blasters? :roll_eyes:

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OK…i’ll do an edit…

The inbuilt hopup, srategically raises your gell balls higher,
While filling opponents, with envious desire…

Facing our beast, they can only enviously lament,
Your home, to where this feild dominating blaster , was sent…

Its not merely field ready, tis indeed a field slayer,
you may want it engraved, “GBU DOMINATOR”…!!

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