Sales and discount codes

This sounds like some extended attempt at creating several different HaiKu sentences? :face_with_monocle::joy:

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Oh ffs you meant to go to Evike, not the nearest drug store saloon :laughing:

Docbob check his vitals, agent down. :rofl:

Jeez…wheres the appreciation for the verbose, rhyming ad.!!!

I should charge GBU, an ad fee, for it…!!

Slowly going mad, with loads of study…


Yep, know that feeling when I did my chem cert. I was like wtf cram a week course in to 8hrs. My head was like a poached egg, even school was easier fk me. They’ll be glad to know I learnt nothing.

They’re a bit late for “May Day”…

I mean May does have 31 “days” in one sense of the wording :laughing:

iHobby are doing winter deals at the same price they’ve been all year.

iHobby have upped their discount to 18%

ViperTac have started their EOFY sale, some decent discounts there.

CEH have their gold/silver AKs down to $350/$325. Kind of tempting.

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Saddam hell yea :laughing:

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Who is this for? There’s no logo or name on it, amazing marketing.
Going to assume Azrael, even thou they have that sale almost every Friday anyway…

It’s for Azraels - missed part of the adv

X-force got their EOFY sale up

Nothing groundbreaking.

Couldn’t find anything that was cheaper than their usual prices

If anyone spotted any Hi Cappa extended magazine using green gas, please let me know.

I got a Army Armament TTI PIT VIPER Gel Blaster can really use some extra help.

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Not Hi-cappa

Suits Army Armament+ Double bell G pistol Range

That’s what andylo asked for :person_shrugging:

“I got a Army Armament TTI PIT VIPER”