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Think the AA Pit Viper is a 2011 not G series (i.e. not Glock)

This might do it as it fits the tan AA TTI Pit Viper

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Yeah the Glock version is just labelled TTi but the Pit Viper is specifically a 2011 model.

Bit there are also 2011’s just labelled TTi as well

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The A-302 is what I am looking for I, but unfortunately it’s not on discount.

But thank you nonetheless.

I would imagine the ArmyA Hi-Capa stendo would work with any of their Hi-Capa pistols.
The Pit Viper being a more recent addition may just not be updated to the list yet.

There’re actually some really good discounts at TE atm

End Of Financial Year Sales – Tactical Edge Hobbies

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Some pretty decent deals on parts… and some good prices on good blasters too.
Take that wallet!

Good luck. Just went to Yatala to get a couple of handguards. They are listed as in-stock at the store but staff couldn’t find any of them

I had put an order in but for delivery so might be at other stores, Geebung is my closest but didn’t give me the option for pick up.

Might be me too… may have nearly bought one of each that were one special :grimacing:
Hard to not get a bunch of spares and dress ups for the blasters at them prices.

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O thank you both for saving me from accumulating more handguards than I really need - although that old Magpul version would look good on one of the CYMAs

I bought a few thousand liters of diesel. Catchya later wallet :roll_eyes: :rofl: no special soup for me :rage:


As someone who is always looking for a m4 receiver and the crane stocks that can fit Titan nunchucks… its a good deal. Might have to partake. Especially since they only partially filled my order from the weekend and shipped it. I could have waited for my spare bearings and two flash hiders, still waiting for the rest to ship :confused:

The gearboxes are pretty reasonable too, for what they are. Not stellar but reasonable. $100 is a very good deal for anyone looking for their first blaster.

The only issue I’ve got with the CYMA / Jund M4s is the flimsy handguard. Just a bit too much flex for my gorilla mitts. :wink:

The only M4 I own is one of the Warhawks… nylon box with metal gears.


Yep - just replace the handguard with an SLR handguard and they are a great blaster. Even the nylon gearbox can handle M110 springs and metal gears. They always end up being my fallback blasters - short barrel, long barrel. Backup blaster is basically stock J100 with M100 spring pushing 290fps

I see CEH and Atomic Armoury have this blaster for the same price. Is there a community preference between the two operators? I tried a search but nothing really on CEH post Salisbury shop days etc.

I would value some thoughts.


My two cents worth, and it’s purely subjective…

If I could give my money to anyone other than CEH, I would… based on previous member’s experiences with them.

But, you know… that’s just like my opinion, man. :man_shrugging:

Crystal clear Friendly_Fire.

I cannot see a bricks and mortar shop for Atomic Armoury and so it makes for a difficult choice.

AFAIK there is not one it is a branding of CEH. They can be atomic all right… I’ll leave that there.

Shifty shits… :laughing:

Which is why I limit my buying online to stores that I know exist and aren’t some dodgy retailer trading under two company names.