Saph's 3d printed crazyness

So instead of filling up the workbench thread i thought i would start a thread here of all the crazy stuff i 3d print for this sport.

First up we have the rifle to smg conversion that ive started printing testing parts for.

This is just part A of the rail system and eventually will be printed in a silk purple filament i now have.

The most expensive box of plastic, 300 dollars with shipping from nsw to me in qld, at least i can do cool color designs for stuff

On the printer right now there is dummy grenades or distraction devices if you want to call them that.

The ones you see below being printed is the body’s only, im printing them 3 at a time to reduce the hours taken to print ( just 6 would have taken a full day of running the printer and this way i can get some sleep without hearing the fan on it) at a fairly decent infill so i can hopefully find and reuse them and not have them instantly break if someone steps on them. Once they are done ill make some fake labels for them aswell and glue them up onto the body.


That’s a dusty printer

I gave up trying to keep it dusted with the amount of construction and shit that goes on near my place.

I will join in on the 3d printing thing… though most of my prints are small pieces like barrel stabilisers, hopups, spring retainer keep straight things errr. I haven’t had the time to do any in the last month and won’t until christmas with work, but then have 3 weeks off and I am going to be hammering through my 3kgs or black petg I have in the cupboard and 1 kg of black tpu.
It is a hobby in itself, that compliments gel blaster tech work well. 18 of my blasters on the wall are held by 3d printed mounts, and my pistol rack is 3d printed… I should really do some mag racks, so I can have a better system for the stupid amount of mags I have rolling around the place… 68 aeg mags, 10 drums, and 13 gas pistol mags… almost feel I should get 10 more just so I can say I have over 100 mags lol!

I had printed this ages ago, was on the old forum, still haven’t finished it completely thou, needed to tweak the deed tube to get it firing consistently.


10 hours later the top layers are starting to go on soon, still got another 2 hours before this set is finished. Now to find some small springs for the tops and figure out a label.

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Pulled them off the build plate last night and went right to bed but they look pretty good, Will look amazing once i have a label design all done for them.

Final print time was pain, didnt finish till 11pm with cooling of the printer (216c nozzle, 60c on the bed itself)

You could save on print time if you drop the infill density and try using cubic subdivision, being a prop they don’t need to be really dense, will also make them lighter.

Could increase wall thickness too to compensate if concerned.

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Yea i realized that would cut time after i had gotten 6 hours in and really didnt think about doing it this morning before starting this round currently on. Lessons for the future i guess.

Well the first 6 are done, now for fuses and spoons to finish them.


Status update: first fuse and body mated after some fighting, now the other 5 and then spoons go on.

Great idea starting a new thread topic for 3D Printing :+1:
Certainly plenty of people into it these days and I’m sure will be a great resource for sharing ideas. :white_check_mark:

Spoons finished some point last night while i slept so got to them this morning and they look good, yes it doesnt give the proper look but i wanted something to be bright so i dont get cops/goverment on me for explosive devices. Now for labels to be made and stuck onto them.

Tested with some filament as a holder, just need some screws and springs for the mechanism to work.


Dontcha hate it when the spool does this…

The extruder has enough torque and grip to keep it going, it’s not that tight but it’s enough that it wouldn’t work on my Aquila.

Only had this happen once before and had to re-wind the entire spool to fix it, seems like it’s been wound too tight on the spool and it’s crossing over itself.

Surprisingly ive not had that happen to me but ive seen it happen with 2 spools that traded colors somehow.

Boing goes the spook for my grenades now, just need screws and labels but thats next year


I used to do a good amount of 3d printing for gel blaster stuff, its nice to see people still doing when i do my quarterly forum check in :rofl:, good stuff :+1: keep it up!

Yea i recently got one and its fun to use apart from right now when it heats the room so much, next year getting another 2 for larger projects and runs.

Also need to get a box of springs cause that one in the video after a few rounds stretched out since its just a pen one.

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I got a box of random small springs from Bunnings for like $12, they are a thin and weak but they work for small things

Printing another part of the top rail, 6 and a half hours in another 5 hours and 55 minutes to go, time to go get myself on another gov watch list or 2.