Scammed - maybe, maybe not

Just a bit of a tale about an online gel blaster retailer up in Townsville… One Shot Gel Blasters.

Website looks legit AF, prices are very good (too good, it seems) and shipping’s quoted as $20 flat rate throughout Queensland. They’re linked with an indoor skirmish park with full social media coverage on FB.

Purchased an AUG from them on 08/06/23, aside from the bot generated receipt of order have had zip, nada, donuts back since.

Several emails and an attempted phone call to the website mobile number later ( which is now disconnected, text messages to the number come back with “phishing” ) and I’m now lodging a dispute with my bank.

Not sure if they’re dodgy, but buy from proven reliable sellers, people… saving a buck ain’t worth the grief.

Well that sucks, thanks for the heads up.

What’s weird is that the website says they’re affiliated with the Queensland Gelball League…

Facebook page shows footage of gameplay in their indoor arena, kids holding up prizes, etc. All looks very kosher.

All I know is I’m out of pocket, can’t get a response, can’t call them and I’ve had to cancel my VISA card and wait for a replacement. Now it’s with the bank, might get reimbursed, might not.

Yeah, it sucks… glad it was a LeHui AUG and not a high dollar GBBR I got stung for… :rage:

Best of luck, hope you get your money back.


I just received a message from One Shot Gel Blasters.

They’re claiming the email message chain ended up in spam and they’re only just seeing it now.
Doesn’t explain the disconnect between the original online order and despatch, or the disconnected contact number. Or the fact that I see this when I pull up their mobile number…

Anyway, they’re assuring me they’re going to fix everything up tomorrow morning, so hopefully there’ll be a positive outcome… meantime I’m leaving the dispute open until that AUG is on my doorstep.

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I’ve actually got a Townsville overnight, 2morrow night, and spend the next day hanging around, to do the evening flight out…

Got any address…??
Could drop in for a chat…

I’ll see what happens tomorrow with them… I’d like to give them a chance to explain the fuck up.

There might be a legit reason for the mess, they may not be the anti-Christ sellers after all… if they do come good then all will be forgiven, I guess.

Why tomorrow morning? Should be right on to it now, it is business hours. Sounds like excuses to me to drag it on in the hope you’ll cancel the chargeback. They’ll be getting contact from your bank likely. I see, they are closed Monday.


46 Enterprise Street,
Bohle Townsville
Queensland, Australia

Yeah, if it was my business I’d be onto it right away… pretty serious having a customer accuse you of being an online scammer. But you’re right, they are closed today.

Jury’s still out on this. It could just be an attempt to buy time and I’ve already told them the bank will be in touch… the dispute will stay active until I get that sucker of an AEG in my hands.

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I thought you already had a LH AUG :thinking:, probably somebody else, still got mine.

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Yeah, I did have an AUG… this one

Sold it to a mate a while back, then got bitten by the bullpup bug again just recently :laughing:

Haha it’s funny that the scopes worth more than the blaster it’s attached too :joy:


With gel blasters, this is the way…

It is the way with real ones too …


Let me know how you go.
I’ll be in Townsville 2morrow night, and out the following evening.

I think the rec club has push bikes in tsv, so I could wander out for a chat…
I was planning on climbing castle hill, but that’s a morning activity…do it before it gets too hot…

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Your assumption, actually they are equal in price for the blaster with mods and the Elcan :wink:

So I have had a call from the seller…

They say they can see the payment okay, but not the order… apparently my order and one after it aren’t on their system. They were unaware of the phone disconnection issue and couldn’t explain why my emails were going into spam. Hmmmmm…

Still not 100% convinced, but they’ve commited to sending the AUG today, and promised screenshots of the packing slip with tracking number.

Just have to wait and see now. :man_shrugging:


There ya go… just has to go through the post now, I guess.

So in the end One Shot Blasters have shipped, albeit 12 days after receipt of payment. Very apologetic and trying hard to make up for the situation, so they get points for that. They’ll have some serious website and stock control issues to attend to though.


Oh damn I wanted to see BME do some bar bangin :rofl: