Show us your collection!

This is a Forum created by people who are heavily invested in this hobby/sport.

There’s many here with years of experience and knowledge, along with many members who are new to the hobby and from outside of Australia.

We may be behind in regards to the global Airsoft community, but as far as the rising popularity of Gel Blasters across the rest of the world……… us Australian owners/modifiers/players are light years ahead in this particular field :+1:

I would like to invite members, old and new, to simply post up pics of their blasters and a short story of each one.
Maybe add FPS/RPS details if known and your most favourite gels that you find perform the best with each different blaster.
We all know that gels are the biggest issue with all blasters :roll_eyes:

If you are like I used to be, as the owner of quite a large collection, simply upload a couple of pics and information on each blaster and info individually, instead of just a big pile of everything together.

I would love to start this thread off with one of my own Blasters that I used to have before the WA bans :rage:, but unfortunately 90% of my old pics are either on the old Forum…….or on my old iPhone 5 that’s dead in a drawer somewhere :confused:

I will endeavour to try and retrieve all of my old photos from that phone and hopefully be able to piece a few things together :+1:

Looking forward to your pics and stories :sunglasses:


MCX Rattler
LDT Legacy MCX
LDX Gearbox with Bigrrr mosfet. ASG M105 spring, green o-ring and SHS Red Cylinder head. custom ported Acetech Cylinder
Custom 3D printed aluminium Rattler handguard
Cut the monolithic rail to match handguard
Modified LH MCX alloy outer barrel to 5.5”
Amoeba Grip
Custom Printed low profile deflecto
Modified function bolt lock
Airsoft Artisan MCX muzzlebrake
5KU low profile MCX stock
Unity Mount
Aimpoint T2



Full Custom BCM MCMR 11 Carbine
APS receiver custom engraved and etched with full BCM trades. deleted auto sear pin and auto markings to match RS. Working bolt release.
LDT receiver pins
LDX gearbox with bigrrr mosfet, green oring, SHS red cylinder head.
Angrygun BCM MCMR 10 handguard - correct length unlike the LDT ones
VFC BCM stock, grip, QD mount, receiver QD mount
LDT geiselle trigger
Replica Surefire scout with dual button tail, Surefire dual button pad
Replica CNC NGAL
Surefire Socom 556 suppressor
Unity riser
Unity flip mount for Magnifier
Evolution Gear Aimpoint magnifier
Evolution Gear Eotech EXPS 3 with NV


Both awesome looking builds and very nice pics :ok_hand:
Certainly have all the good accessories to match, not overdone, just the gear to match their intended uses.
Might ask to add performance specs with the topic just as more details, but understand that not everyone owns a Chrono either!

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MCX 280fps with dinner plate spread at 20m. Mastrblastr hop up on 7.5mm inner
BCM 320 FPS with dinner plate spread at 30m. Same barrel and hop up but different inner barrel length.
Gears are 18.1 in both builds.

Finding a couple of old pics here and there.

This is only a couple of shots of my old original Gen8 “Little Pig” that had a massive long life as a test pig from 2017/2018.

Externally was still the basic cheap old Nylon Gen8 shell, but internally was was pushed to the limits of what a plastic kids toy could achieve :flushed:

From memory, these last specs were:

*Standard Gen8 Nylon Gearbox.
*18:1 SHS Gears, metal AR Latch, SHS Bearings.
*Fighting Bro Shim Set.
*Upgraded/modified AR/Tappet return springs.
*SHS M140 Main Spring.
*Stainless non ported 100% cylinder.
*SHS Blue metal rack piston.
*Alloy large port piston head with double o-ring/green seals.
*Alloy Gold Gen8 double o-ring cylinder head.
*Stock Gen8 nylon T-Piece, with nozzle preload at 1.0 mm.
*7.2 x 350 AUSGEL Alloy Barrel.
*X-Force/ChiHai 360 High Torque FeNb Red Motor.
*Deans wiring connectors through 16 gauge upgraded harness running 10A trigger switch. No MOSFETS.
*TURNIGY 3S 11.1V battery.
*OOTB Blue/Green 7-8mm gels.

Everything was going well until the AR Axle housing destroyed itself :confused:

Destroyed stock Gen8 below, the stronger Singularly box about to have everything transferred over above :+1:

…. and no…… even the Singularly box was destroyed by the AR Latch once again shortly after pushing 430+ , hence why I went back to the drawing board to totally reinvent the AR latch system :roll_eyes:

(P.S. Sorry about the confusion with the Blue towel…… Red towel must have been in the wash that day :flushed::joy:)


  • AEG LH AUG that I upgraded the internals myself to run 300fps fairly accurately.
  • AEG LDT all metal MP5 from WAT
  • HPA GBX-LR 4013T (custom JGWorks M4 Destroyer Long) which is my current project gun
  • CO2 APS XTP pistol that is stock standard.

Very nice little group of awesome blasters mate.
Something for every occasion :ok_hand::white_check_mark:

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@BME you should get a photo with all your ww2 sub Machine guns now that you have a decent amount of them

" Gonna need a bigger towel"…!!

Im working the next few days…but i’ll see what i can do…!


That m249 has seen more tools then Hillary Clinton

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Just to keep squiddy happy, here is my ww2 collection stuff.
I also have a ZB26, but not here, right now…


Close up of the upper stuff…

And, the lower stuff…

Big shout out to @Bigmuthadrums , for the mp 40 electric mag conversions, whadda legend…!!

I know the Dragunov is slightly later period, but the other russians were feeling lonely…

All i need now, is a spitfire, to complete the collection…!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I think that any serious collector must have a ZB26 in their lineup! :joy::sunglasses:


I don’t think so
you are going to need a Messerschmitt for the German g_ns.
A b17 flying fortress for the American stuff
A spitfire for the British
And a Bisnovat SK-2 for the Russian g-n


They all might be plastic, and 1 to 100 scale, though…!! :rofl: :rofl:

May have the odd pulse rifle, or two…


Hard to see in the light, but that’s all of them except for a H&K416 on the bench. :wink:


Nice :sunglasses:
I like seeing a good variety of different model blasters :+1: