So, umm..what happened today.?


I Noticed the forum was off line , for most of the day, today…
Server not avail etc…

Now, i can log in, but getting newbie entry level messages…???

Is it just me, or are russian hackers , running amok…!!!

Big software update. You can set your own flag now, better software for staff, new UI.


Just the software saying you don’t have enough blasters to be a certified enthusiast.

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I thought the feds were shutting down coms, before a country wide raid…!!!

Oh wait, No, thats just for squiddy, in VIc…!!! :rofl: :rofl:

Better get more blasters, then…!!!

Yeah, I thought was an obvious Chinese Spy attack against the massive threat of all us highly trained Gelblaster Militia! :joy:

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Chinese weapons, being used against their chinese masters…??!

Built in fail safe…
Chinese quality control…!!

That’s why they want you to remain in WA…!! :rofl: :rofl:

Aussie modified Chinese weapons that outperform their own counterparts!

Definitely something to be feared :joy:

aha a flag that was what I desired besides some mumbo jumbo :+1: good work captains :+1:

Uh yea we might need a guide to get what you did. Laugh all you want. Not available on my end.

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From any window


Then, once there

Scroll all the way down to the bottom


Also a Seneschal is the King’s chief advisor who ensures the realm is well stocked with food, and fabrics and other bare essentials.

Kinda like the chief farm advisor.

Nice work. But I was not informed and when I looked the word up it came back as a governor which I am not. Thank you anyway. :+1:

Na don’t have what you show I’m afraid. I’ll try tomorrow. Afteer tailing 300 lambs I’m frkd :laughing:

Thanks @JazzyWard got my flag sorted. Happy lil vegemite now :grin:


Good update :+1:

20 ch

The flag feature will lead to a lot less confusion in the future. Nice work!

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Squiddy is bi-flagual…

Expect to see alternating CCP / Russian flags,
As his double agent allegiance ever shifts…!!

Great to see you still lurking around mate :+1:

Unfortunately I’m just your average Australian bloke

Swapped flags already…see what. I mean…!! :slight_smile:


You win the internet, for the day…!,:joy::joy:


Oi mister, you got the wrong flag up. Supposed to be red with some lil yellow stars. :rofl: Or are you defecting. :joy: