The blaster electrician

A topic for discussing the electronic components of a gel blaster
(Wiring, trigger trolley, mag contacts, mosfets, motors and batteries)


t238 vs Perun thoughts I’m debating which one to get
some are saying the perun is better while others saying the t238 is just the perun but cheaper anyone has any thoughts.


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Perun is my go to over t238 whenever it’s an option.

In general i trust European made components over chinese, but in this case the after sales support has been great from the likes of perun and jefftron. Haven’t really heard anything about t238 in that regard.

This doesn’t exactly give you an answer on performance i realise, but it’s the only real input i can offer.

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I would recommend the same in regards to after sales service.

PERUN and JEFFTRON are renowned for their cusomer service, which is a massive advantage in any consumer market :+1:


Get the Perun hybrid.

I bought 2 T238s some time ago. Broke one (my own fault), the other worked perfectly. For a cheaper mosfet, it’s not bad. But, back then it was a bit of a lottery whether you received a good one or not. The quality of them now is probably better.

I have 3 Perun hybrids and have found they are just so easy to install and program. Definitely more expensive than the T238, but you get what you pay for.

Can’t comment on the Jefftron as I’ve never used one.


than ks for the input ill definitely be getting a perun

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Does anyone hace any experience with the BIGRRR mosfets?

Yup, they’re ok for what they are.


Yeah I’ve fitted a few now there pretty simple. 1/5 shit itself after 1 week rest have been solid.

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Adding to this I’ve used both the Perun hybrid and the bigRRR. If you just want something that replaces the standard trigger contacts, has active brake and fire modes then the bigRRR is a great choice.

The Perun is on another level with how many settings there are. If you’re going for a high end build it’s absolutely worth it :+1:


Ok all you knowledgeable peeps, let’s play a game called…
Please :sweat_smile:



Have a play with this Resistor Colour Code Calculator | element14


I can’t even tell the colours properly :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

I like this kind of discussion… I tend to not agree with alot of people about gel blaster electronics. I also usually make my own wiring, especially if it is just for a trigger block setup.
I have installed plenty of trigger units. Perun and Jefftron definitely win with after sales support. I had jefftron help me modify a circuit by verifying what I suspected. They even sent pictures and where quite detailed.
Bigrrr are not good imo. They work initially but tend to have long term issues. And the magnet and hall effect sensor is a bit of a poor choice.
I prefer t238 over bigrrrs, but you must be aware that the reason many t238 fail is due to poor quality coating, or none I suspect… So insulation is key. Never had any I’ve installed fail yet.

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I did plenty on the old forum, but can’t be bothered rehashing it here as no interest. You’d remember it anyway.

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love mine… hated my levi (had a bunch of issues with it)

I’m the same stupid mad scientist since 2016/2017/2018 inventing stupid electronics into my blasters where nothing was available specifically for Gelblasters other than researching NERF and Airsoft schematics.

Certainly built some weird shite from a shopping list at Jaycar and managed to let the Magic Smoke out of many components in the process of Frankensteining these Electronics to include Electric Fed Magazines!

But this is exactly what is so much fun with this hobby…… step outside the box, experiment, modify, go beyond whatever is available in the market and create your own weird designs.

I still have boxes and boxes of electronics for gelblasters, because that’s simply something that I had amassed over the years and isn’t illegal to own through our State Bans.

I have only kept all this stuff in the possibility of maybe being able to build some NERF products in the future…… but still haven’t taken that step yet.

I think I was the only one to do the 2nd fet Aug ZeHamish mod, nobody else could fathom it. It sure worked alright and to this day, but does not cover the mag side of things which I discovered still blows the board up.

No way I’m reposting those pictures again after the grilling I got from mother theresa to father christmas. Fuk dat :fu: :grinning:

Goodonya mate…… that’s certainly delving deeper back into the dawn of creation! :joy:

The old @ZeHamish piggyback Fet…. which I also applied to my old “Little Pig” Gen8 test mule back in the day.

Was good old times that have been long forgotten and unfortunately no longer relevant in this world of new electronics and developments.

Some of these old electronic mods that we used to build were cutting edge technology in the day, but can now be found online for a dollar fiddy from AliExpress :roll_eyes:

At least we got the enjoyment from experimenting and building technology out of our spare rooms and got to blow a lot of shit up in the process! :joy:

I’m sure I’ve still got half a dozen easyFets kicking around that I bought because of that second fet thread that kept popping up on the old forum. :joy:

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