The Shit Pit

Lets try this over. And do it without any restrictions. May not stay like that, but lets hope it does…


Looks like gel blasters are starting to make a splash in New York. It’s mildly comforting to know we don’t have the most insane gun laws in AU with regards to gel blasters. Just close to.

And the inevitable sad consequences of toys being used around American cops. That’s…less comforting.

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mm from the bits of Utube I’ve seen with gangs of coloured Americans roaming the streets and splatterballing the first civilians they come across, doing drive bys, it was only going to be a matter of time.

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Yep, the NYPD confiscate toys, yet allow the person who attempted to kill a Congressman making a speech, out of jail on his own recognizance. So the Feds then arrested him :grinning:

America. Land of the free attempted treasonous assassins, home of the brave children trying to play with toys.


I live in (upstate) New York and I approve of the above statements about America.

Spring/air rifles are commonplace around here, most every little boy gets a BB gun pretty early in life. Just like the movie A Christmas Story. Some municipalitys outlaw them just for the fact they look real and can cause some serious damage.
Outside of city limits, no one cares. Fire at will, blow stuff up, eradicate some pests.
Owning a gun is part of our constitution after all.

'Murica. Guns and freedom and questionable politics. Party on! :love_you_gesture:


Pretty sure these are also banned in the state of California for the same reasons.

The right to “Bear Arms”…
Sorted…im sure that will never be misconstrued…!! :rofl: :rofl:


BTW , please help defend us, if China ever attacks…!!

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Its kinda strange they have legeal access to airsoft n they get shitter shit n try commit crimes with em, Americans are truley the pinnacle of human evolution

Speaking of America, and especially California (which supposedly has the strongest gun control laws in the US) here’s an interesting story. @Bikersmurf I think you’d appreciate this one :grin:

The attempted robber had an AR. Hang on, how could he have one of those? They’re banned in California (at present, but there is an ongoing appeal on the court decision on that)
Another instance of how gun “control” only works on law-abiding people. Doesn’t apply to the crims.

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Got that sent last night from my conceal carry group in the states.
Saw the video
,he seen them getting ready out side so he got his trusty shot gun, he actually hit three out of four with pellets.
All four were arrested.
Love the way they came rushing in then squealed like little girls when he let fly with a shot gun blast
If you’re on Facebook lookup Concealed Nation


You have to laugh at that clown screaming “he shot my arm off, he shot my arm off!!”
And the 80 yr old bloke suffered a heart attack from the stress of the incident, BUT was back at work two days later. They don’t make 'em like they used to.

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I knew keeping this meme around was a good idea.


So there was a silly fb thing on my feed, autofill epitaphs. I figure i might do one of these silly things for once.

Starts off with "here lies (insert name). (Relevant pronoun) was (and let autofill do the rest)

Got a slight giggle out of mine:

Here lies Nicholas. He was the first time he ever met a woman in a SLR who was a pretty young girl and she had a great deal with the screw

There we go, stupid shit for the pit

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So much for green energy aye LOL

Just read up on the legalities on the subject, seems to be a lot of bs involved.

It’s legal to be sold, it’s legal to be bought… but it’s not legal to be used. Presumably the legal hang up is more to do with road laws.

The tackle was pretty entertaining though, I’d have more sympathy for the rider but this was his second time so he knew he wasdoing “the wrong thing”


It’s a bit silly imo, not sure but can’t they just implement some road rules instead of banning them :man_shrugging:


You know, that almost sounds like some other situation we’re all involved with in this forum… ban something because it’s too hard to come up with a real solution.

You’d think that encouraging ebikes and scooters would be a good idea



Not untill u got drop kicks going 60km down the sidealk n acting like they did nothing wrong not to mention flying down the road in a pushie helmet thinking thats gonna save em.

Gotta treat them as if they lick windows for a living because natrual selection cant take them anymore