We Dont go to Ravenholm Anymore... ( SPAS 12 review)

" Here Brother, Come closer.
I have a more suitable gun for you, you’ll need it…
My advice, aim for the head…"

Why pay $200 for one, when Father Grigori, will give you one for free.?!

" The Ravenholm Collection" ( where’s my crowbar…?)


Ok, into the review…

Excellent bit of kit, for $200…
The quality is very good.

Screw the stock on, and you are good to go.
There is no flex / creaking, the latches are very firm.
Its Looong, particularly with the stock extended.
Weight is about right, it would be super heavy if it was all metal.

Anyone keen, has already probably watched the other you tube reviews, and i have little to add to that.

The dart performance is not great, but, lets face it, this thing could fire rubber bands, and they’d still sell out. Brad was talking about modding them , to gel conversion.
The feeding spring, does twang around, when the mag is empty.
It holds 5 in the mag, and one in the chamber.

The shells feed and cycle beautifully.
Well, let me clarify…

Ducatis dont like idling, they prefer to go flat out.
This thing, needs hard, fast cycling, to feed well.
Go slow and gentle, and it WILL jam.
Hard and fast, and it loves it…feeds flawlessly.
Be careful if you are on a tiled floor, as the shells will fly, and possibly get knocked around, if you do it too much…

And, why do darts ALWAYS find their way, under the couch… :rofl: :rofl:

The finish is a bit “plasticy looking”…it really is screaming for a good paint job, to give it that darker matte , weathered look…

Better go to bunnings, and choose some paint…!!
Take it in , of course, for good colour matching…
I’m sure the Police will understand…!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


A couple of other points…

  • if you want one, grab them NOW. Order over the phone. Brad only has 48.
    Smaller numbers initially, for the first batch, with more to come later.
    They might all be gone, before supernova…

-It was meant to be a all black model, but they got the olive / black sent.
Should be all blacks for the next batch, but ? who knows when…
If your going to paint it, it wont matter anyway…

Its good, they have a quality product like this, at an affordable price.

-the stock is held on, by a circlip. It is removable, but is very tight. I might need to use my dental instruments, to pull it off. Will post some pics, when i do it.

I saw the HK MK23… it is QUIET…!! The top slide can be cycled manually, but its disabled for the firing cycle.
Just a quiet pfft noise, about as loud as a manual springer firing…Brad reckons 300 fps…
It does feel very light.


Yep take it into bunnings
You can join the other guy who tried that last week.
I hear prison food is better than hospital food.

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One way to solve the cost of living crisis….

Get a bed, shower, roof, and 3 meals a day…!!


Don’t forget the medical benefits is the best.
They get free sex changes

I just realised it takes talon nerf darts
Which means it’s basically a springer
So by that thought changing the spring like my nerf swift (which gets 425fps) should be doable.
Let the modding begin.
Dam I should have gone to the shop and checked that theory out
If that was the case I would have bought two.
I have plenty of different springs I could try.
I wonder if the Alfa king m870 internals are similar .
I modified the spring in that one.
We will just have to wait and see


Anyone in Australia can get GCS on Medicare if they’re cleared by the relevant psychs. This is a good thing :stuck_out_tongue:





And that, boys and girls, is how we give a SPAS, a SEX change…!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Talk about a one track mind…!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You know when a SPAS has been on HRT, because the stock is small and neatly tucked away.

HRT of course standing for Handgun Replacement Therapy.

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I’m going to remove the circlip…or is that SIRclip…

To remove the dangly black appendage…

Is that process called, a circum-cision…??!

Sure is! Those models are being sent off to do warcrimes in Palestine.

(And that’s as close to the edgy joke line as I care to tread today :laughing: )

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3 certanties in life…

  1. Death

  2. Taxes

  3. around here, Intelligent, informative reviews devolving into piss-takes, jokes, and tacky sexist humour…

Love it…!


:saluting_face: :australia:

Wouldn’t dare go anywhere else

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You didn’t just play the Modern Warfare 3 campaign by any chance?

I’m not much of a gamer nowadays…

Just thought I’d ask. Very similar to one of the lines.
And what a waste of money might I say. Preordered the most expensive version, to play a campaign so short.

I just have a bash, on the arcade machine, when the mood strikes…

Funny story for today, after picking up the SPAS, i called into the local IGA, for lunch.

They make very nice Rolls ( Turkey and Brie pannini, for $9.50), so its always popular.
When i pulled up , a police car was there, and 3 officers waiting in line.

I joined the queue behind them, they looked at me , i smiled and said …

“Looks like i picked the wrong day, for an armed robbery”, and a wink…

They laughed and said, " no we’ll take really good care of you , really quickly"

I was going to say, well, i do have a SPAS 12 , in the boot, but i think that may have been pushing it…!!

Good to see they have a sense of humour, vic police would have shot me on the spot…!!


Circlip is a bastard, to get off.

It might break, but i’ll keep trying.
For a repaint, it would be awesome to get it like this…

Dark, matte black, and very dark olive, for the cage and stock…
Strap would finish it off…


How is the m1887 was thinking about getting one