What are you watching today?

Been thinking we could use a good off topic thread to discuss what people are watching at the moment. To kick things off, I’ve finished my Narcos rewatch and have moved onto Outback Opal Hunters on Discovery (Foxtel).

I cant believe some of these guys still have fingers! Pinch point? What pinch point!!

I watched a golden oldie from Australian cinema.
I love watching the cars from the seventies.
Great car chase with a charger an
XP ford, and a Renault.
The titties weren’t bad also

Been watching YouTube lately. Mainly hot rod builds, restorations that involve craftmanship, F1, military history and weapons and a bit of current news. Last movie I watched was Zulu

Zulu … a personal fav! You’re a crook private Hook!

If you like weapons and pig hunting, a mate sent me this recently. Insane … only in Texas!

Spoiler alert: minigun action!

Uuuuummmm …. I haven’t had a television, lounge chair, computer or anything for nearly 15 years now, so I’m a complete idiot when it comes to ANYTHING related to whatever is normal viewing for the rest of the world :disappointed:

I do have a smartphone and enjoy my YouTube subscriptions though, which is my favourite form of “entertainment” when I have reception and time to check it out :+1:

The beauty of YouTube is that you can research topics and channels that are specific to your own interests, free of advertising and censorship from the usual Government Propaganda television shitshow that’s being promoted these days :roll_eyes:

BTW: That YouTube video you linked about “world record hog hunt” is a channel that I absolutely despise and think that they should all be jailed for their ridiculous animal cruelty actions :rage:

Yeh i did think after posting that a thread on hobby forum regarding TV etc might get a few such comments … but each to their own. Happy to take the smoke, and all respect to you brother on your views :slight_smile:

Watching “The Walking Dead : The Ones Who Live” on Stan…

Should have known that anything produced by Andrew Lincoln would be slow, boring and convoluted. Rick is my least favourite character in the franchise, always comes across as a blubbering whiney-ass bitch. :laughing:

Ah well, looks like I’ll have to just hang out for the next season of “The Daryl Dixon Story”. Now there’s a character I can get on board with. :+1:

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No offence taken and hope my reply doesn’t come across as aggressive, was only just another of my normal rambling responses :joy:

As a long time shooter having been taught “one shot one kill” from a very young age, seeing these yanks screaming across fields just blindly mowing down whatever happens to be in the path of the stupid amount of lead that’s been randomly blasted around everywhere, is neither smart, accurate, talented or humane.

I would hate to think the massive amount of maimed and wounded animals left behind and the horrible long painful deaths that result from completely inaccurate fire leading to such trauma.

This is the type of culling that my Uncle has been doing since the 1980’s here in Australia.

This shows how to effectively and humanely kill feral animals, and highlights the skills of the pilots and shooters themselves as being extremely professional and “one shot one kill” effective. :ok_hand:

Unlike the yanks just screaming around like a bunch of rednecks with machine guns blindly hitting whatever happens to run around in front of them!

Got the Gauge out! :flushed:

all good … i knew you wernt having a go. I went on a few roo drives in my teens that desensitised me to that stuff. I understand its not for all.

… and lord help anyone I see abusing an animal outside of this context.

Part of the AFP sniper training is a chopper ride to cull ferel pigs. Same objective - one shot, one kill

All cool @gti2022 :+1:

Yeah it’s certainly a very challenging job for both the Pilots and the Marksmen to work together to achieve these results.

My uncle was doing both piloting and shooting during his career and has some awesome stories to tell!

Quite a big job when considering the amount of feral animals that require constant culling every single year for so many decades :flushed:

He used to contract on Kangaroos, Emus, Pigs, Goats, Cats, Foxes, Donkeys, Camels, Water Buffalo, Horses and even Wild Dogs……. so there’s definitely a constant demand for skilled contract shooters and pilots around Australia for sure.

The stories of the early days of Water Buffalo culling up North are still quite interesting, where they had Government Clearance to use door mounted .30 or .50 Calibre Machine Guns (on single/short bursts) to have the effective power required to humanely kill such large animals from longer ranges encountered in the Helicopters, or were mounted in Covered 4x4 Trucks and driven into wetlands to track the herds and engage them on the ground.

I stopped watching the walking dead over 10 years ago as it was true to name walking dead actors :rofl:

Watching ink master getting some ideas for when I go into the shop in a couple of months

Start with a squid on the shoulder…
you know you need to…!!

I’ve seen a new series called “Cult Cars: Landcruiser” advertised lately. I got pretty excited about that, but then found out they are just cutting and shutting a 45 series to make it work under water and cross Darwin Harbour.

Ugh … could do 10 seasons on quality Crusier builds but they chose this.

Oh well.

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I thought about contract pest control as an occupation decades ago when I was at a crossroads. Had some good contacts around Forbes/Parkes.

Instead i chose IT … and now im Techwrecked and redundant. Still plenty of beeping ferals though. Never redundant in that industry.

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A mate is getting out of pest control right now. Says it sucks bawls, gets sick of doing chicken farms and driving all day everyday.

Like every business, I’m sure the good gigs are taken by businesses that can operate at scale. Single, owner operators get the chicken farms and air rifle shit. A lot of clowns out there just chasing a Cat D too.

Meh, maybe IT not such a bad choice.

Both my mates were working for companies, not self employed.

One gone back to mines and another doing some brush up courses to go back mining as well.

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