Aliens Pulse Rifle gelblaster

No hassle.
All good.

what state do you live in

It’s all legal here…

Ok im in SA cheers mate. ill stick to building Blade runner blasters haha

But if its ok i may contact you again im looking at completing his hollywood collectors version the metal one . looks like he wanted to put in the working counter. im looking at getting this so i hope it fits i have emailed them to see.

Blade runner…?

" You dont know me…"

Now that is beautiful… :+1: is that from Paragon FX?

I’d really like a replica of K’s bĺaster from BR 2049.

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I’ll have to pull the box out…japanese made…

I bought it, several years ago, before the sequel came out…

The original was awesome… i bought it from that.

Tomenosuke replica.


Bought from Hollywood collectors group.

Wow thats very nice, im not a big fan of the 2049 version but i still think ill end up building one one day. I want to get my hands on a metal sid kit of the original blaster, but i know its hard to get

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Could someone here pls give xforce meadowbrook a call, and ask when the pulse rifles are due to land…

And then post here.?

That would be appreciated, and i’m sure others would like to know…


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Dropped in. They are are about a month away.


Thanks for the update…!
Appreciate it.!
I dont suppose they mentioned, what fps they are getting.?

They have been doing overseas testing…

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Sorry. They didn’t mention any performance numbers

Hi Could anyone please tell me if the this digital counter in the link fits into the Hollywood Collectors group Metal Alien Pulse rifle.

I dont know.
I haven’t pulled mine apart.

The HCG one, sits at a static 95…and the led’s have a reputation for not lasting.

You would also need to rig up a trigger switch, to activate the counter.

Would it be too much trouble, to ask to ring up, and see what they have done re the mags.??

The original a/soft is “wind up spring mag”, and im wondering if they have kept that ( hardened gells only), or if they have done a elec mag conversion…

I hope its not another MP-40 mag…!!

And, perhaps ask about fps…

Do you know which shop did the development? They didn’t appear to know a lot at Meadowbrook and had to go and ask

No, just that they were doing it overseas…

I asked when i was in north lakes a while back, and they said " They’ve just fixed up the airseal / fps issues"…

But didn’t know any more than that…

I thought they may have been more in the loop…

And thanks for your efforts, in trying…!

ok thanks i have a feeling it will fit but have to do some more research. I tried emailing them but got no reply back. Ill have to take the pulse rifle apart and see what my friend did to it i can see he was for sure wanting to put in the digital counter