Aliens Pulse Rifle gelblaster

One good thing over here…
They sell the mag covers, for the pulse rifle.

Assuming they have kept the same setup, the mag fits internally, and this cap covers the mag, and completes the models aesthetic look.

Be good to have a few spares… $12

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You so like a kid in a candy store haha love it :+1: I’d go nuts and broke quick LOL

HaHa…you know it…!!!

One word…

Allowances ( tax free!!)…woohoo…!

We have fresh meat coming over in a fortnight or so…might go machine gunning then…!!

They also sell barry burton moderators… $15.

But not the lower rail.
I think you’d need to contact Wetech direct, for that.

I just cant get over, you get the whole burton kit here, for $160…

What did they sell the standard RE2 beretta’s for in OZ… $550-$600??

They’d be selling the burton model for $750-800, i’d reckon…

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It’s a huge difference. Even in aus dollars it’s about $250.

Makes you wonder how the $900+ pricetag of a Tavor 21 is justified… but import tax, profit margins, etc would account for the exhorbitant price hike over here, I guess. :man_shrugging:

Being a huge bullpup fan I’ve got a healthy collection of them, good ones and the old shitters. The Tar 21 has been on my most wanted list for quite a while, but I’m not so keen that I’d drop nearly a whole gorilla for the premium option no matter how good it is.

I’d be happy with one of the old ABS units with a Gen 8 shoehorned into it. :joy: I nearly got onto a shell for one of those through Bigmuthadrums, but no cigar. Apparently there’s one kicking around the Donnybrook field somewhere. :thinking:

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This one?
AUG-A1 Gel Blaaster - iHobby Online

I have 3 x AUG-A1’s converted to Gen 8. One with metal gears etc pumping approx 310 fps. It’s not a hard conversion and the only drawbacks are no semi and the plastic shell cracking if you unscrew it too many times. Had 5 at one stage but they sort of taken a back burner for CYMAs because of the lack of semi

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Yeah, I’ve got a few ABS shelled Gen 8 conversions in the collection, all hitting around 300FPS. The only AUG I have is a LeHui.

@Maiphut No, this TAR 21 from a long time ago…

Reviewed by Vas back in 2017… 7 years ago now, so can’t find out anything about it and nobody’s got one. :laughing:

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I’m glad Vas can dress a bit better these days…

The old brown jumper, is a bit tatty around the cuffs…!! :rofl:

Mind you he’s up in QLD…so he still might have it, just not need it…!! :rofl:

From Vas

HI guys,
Just a quick update for those wanting to know more about the Alien Pulse rifle! It has taken a bit longer than aticipated but always does when you are trying to convert and make something new. The mags have been basically built from scratch and the latest feeding system. We just had our external Quality Control guy go through this week and now we’re just ironing out anything that he picked on which was basically only one thing and that’s not been fixed. So we can finish it all and hopefully have it ready for shipping in the next few weeks as long as all the permits are in place. I’m hoping to have em here by July the latest if all goes well.

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All along, i have asked one question…

Whats going on , with the mags,??

The a/soft ones, are mechanical wind up mags…
They might JUST work, with hardened gels…maybe…

My custom model, has full electric mags.
Heres hoping, the Xforce models do, too…

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Don’t wind me up, like this…!!

It’s the pic from Vas’s post on Fakebook

Spoke to Vas.
The mags are electrically fed, with spring assistance.

So, not spring only, like the abortion of the mp40 mags….

That’s a good thing…

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From x-Force

Alien Pulse Rifle Gel Blaster is coming soon after some delays due to the mags which have now been fixed and some great work done by Snow Wolf and our QC guy Lucas from WM.

The Pulse Rifle shod be ready this week. Then it’s just a matter of getting the transport permits and getting a shipping date organised. It’s been a long wait but definitely looks the part and the numbers look good on that chrono, came a long way from early March being in the low 200s. We’d like to also thank our customers who have so patiently been waiting for this awesome product to be made possible. We are sooo very excited to finally have this awesome opportunity to bring you guys such an iconic blaster.


Not exactly expecting the 350+ fps, they got out of a M100 spring, on mine…

But im sure they’ll crack at least 300fps…
It was the long, double bell barrel, that helped do the trick, im sure…

Ive told Vas about getting in some spare mag external clips in too…
They fit over the mag, and having a few spares would be a good idea…


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Spoke to Vas, Pulse rifles due to land 10 Aug, at this stage…

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good news thanks. Will hold my breath.