Escape from Nude York....( or, I'll have a Big MAC-10, and fries..!)

Well, what can i say…

I saw the box, and got very worried…

I dont think, an all pink blaster, and silencer, would suit Snake Pliskin…

And, wasn’t mardi gras last night…??

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Thankfully, all was well within the box…

Cheapo ebay scope, arrived as well…!

Im glad the scope was cheap, the optics on it are terrible, with blurring around the periphery…but, it’ll do just fine for a display item.

The “sample silencer”, is from the LDT MP-7, just for an impression…

This image, if nothing else, gives a sense of proportion…

The main body of the silencer, is around 90% of the height, of the body of the blaster…and around the same length of the blaster.

The 2nd part, is around 70% of the height…

I was able to remove, the top part of the blaster, with the threaded barrel.

I took this into bunnings, and was able to see which size nut fitted.

( No , there was no danger of anyone freaking out, it was just an innocuous bit of flat black plastic).

Turns out its 5/8 inch, thread spacing was fine, locks into place tightly…

The front of the blaster is quite solid, and the scope is quite light.

I’m having quiet confidence, about the ability, for it to hold the weight.
You can also cheat a bit, by having the back of the scope, rest on the front sight, to support some weight.

Anyway, off to bunnings to check PVC pipe sizes, to build the “Mock Suppressor”
I know the rough sizes i’m after, it depends on the range they carry.

Might have to order some smaller/ custom sizes ( in particular the reducer)…

Lets see how i go…

Good stuff… Bunnings… so many blaster parts have had their origins in things brought from the home of the sausage sizzle. :rofl:

Keep us updated, BME… keen to see where this goes. I got it into my head to build one of these replicas too but TT were sold out of 'em. :sob:

One might say…one can always find a reason to go to bunnings on the weekend…!!! Sausage incentive…!!

Tac Toys may have a pink one left…i DARE you, to do a all pink Version…!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Snake Foreskin, has a cosplay ring to it…!! :rofl: :rofl:

Well… there’s always the rattlecan option :rofl:

Sometimes…the fates are kind…

How’s this, for a quick mock up…??


I actually, bought 3 diameters , of pipe…

A is the biggest (pictured) B is midsize, and C is the smallest (also pictured).

B and C friction fit inside each other tightly, but there is less of a pronounced differing size step.

A and B dont friction fit, there is a small gap, might have to build that up with some tape, push it in slighlty recessed, and then seal with some paintable glue.

At least the alignment is good, with no big wobbles…
Sealing the holes, front and rear, and incorporating the threaded bolt, will be the issue…

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Easy peasy… build up the nut with masking tape until it’s neat in the tube and then wet set the bolt into the tube with epoxy. That’ll deal with the irreguarity of the hex.

Or you could find a length of PVC tube the nut press fits into (you could even lightly heat the PVC with a heatgun to soften it up first). Then build up with tape to suit your biggerbtube and glue it up. That’d give you a more solid setup.

If you get really stuck, give me a yell. Pretty easy to run a 5/8" BSF tap into a suppressor with a 14mm CCW thread. :+1:

I ain’t far from you on the northside. :sunglasses:

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You can have this if it’s what you’re looking for @BME… alloy and steel tube.

I can run a thread to match your Mac10 in the end of it… it’s 14mm CCW atm.

Anyhoo… yours gratis if you want.

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Ooooh nice, like the way this is going. After watching Big Mac 10 and Fries yesterday.

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Oh yea it was double cheese Mac.

The effects with a toy helicopter flying around a modelled city. The lack of constant jibber jabber talking in modern movies. The music. Then ole mate Ernest Borgnine roles up in a Taxi outa no where :rofl:

Bloody average movie imo but still didn’t mind watching it.

Very, very generous offer, for the suppressor…

But, i’ll graciously pass, thanks…

A couple of reasons…

  1. Size…by the ratio’s on the auction pic, the main body of the suppressor, is almost the same size as the blaster. I reckon 23 cm long, for the first bit, and 8 cm protruding for the end.

  2. Weight…PVC will be really light, and should be able to be supported.

  3. Aesthetics…its actually slick in the movie, whereas yours has the corrugations on it…

Thanks for the offer though.

I may take you up on the offer for help on the ends…i wanna do it once, and right…!!

Yeah, it is a corny movie… i first saw it when i was around 8 years old, and it scared me…!! :rofl: :rofl:

Good ole Ernest Borgnine…!! :rofl:


A couple of pics…

Tubes cut to length and painted…

I might make the main body a little shorter…it just does look a bit too long…
Even though its about the right, ratio wise…

I’ll cut a main body out of tube B…it friction fits with the end tube, but is a bit narrower… i’ll see how that looks.

It might easily solve one joining problem…

No worries, matey… :+1: happy to help in any way.

If you use tape to build up the smaller tube to fit into the larger, think about using an o ring to cover the gap… lot less messy than glue or putty. :wink:

Scope wise, the size is pretty good.

It rests on the front sight, and just protudes, over the front section.

Is it possible, to remove the white " centrepoint" decals, on the scope.?
I dont wanna try turps, and take all the paint off…or just get half off, and have look like crap…

Oooh, might be best to spray over those decals…

If they’re anything like buffer tube decals trying to remove them ends in tears and a rattle can of flat black. :laughing:

Lots of pics and info here The official MAC picture thread | UZI Talk Forums

Snake Plissken M10… | UZI Talk Forums

This is exactly what I love about this community……… to be able to help each other out without monetary reward or expecting anything in return :ok_hand:

If only the rest of the world could act in this sort of old school fashion, it would be a much better and peaceful place! :hugs:

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Would be nice wouldn’t it. Too much greed, greed everywhere.