The Shit Pit

Gentleman jacks, makers mark and Jäegermeister are the trifecta of actually enjoyable spirits

One full measure of Kahlúa…
Two full measures of Stolichnaya…

Over ice in an old fashioned glass. Stir. Simples.

A real Black Russian… definitely no Coca Cola. The only drink to imbibe. :wink:

I can’t drink Gentlemen Jacks for some reason…… only found out from many of my customers dropping off many 10 packs for me, but getting an instant stomach ache from only drinking 2 cans told me that I should avoid drinking them :worried:

Makers Mark has been my favourite from 30 years of being the only bottle of spirits either on the shelf at home, or taken out to a party/celebration elsewhere :ok_hand:

Yea I know what ya mean, that’s just the “cola” mixer they put in UDL mixed cans, I get the same can’t stand it like a brick in ya guts. Neat on their own or with your own mixer they are fine.

Kahlua with a bit of vodka and ice. Now that’s an Iced coffee I like :laughing:

Trying to think of what I don’t like… oh the 3 month old shiraz buried in sand the doc next door said here have a go on this the other week came back out just as fast…

Speaking of VODKA…… I can smash that shit by the bucket load and not have any side effects or anything, same with normal Jacks out of the bottle or any other Whiskey that I might decide to consume.

The only difference is that I have never drunk Coca Cola, PEPSI or any other “cool drinks” in my life! :flushed:

All of my Jacks or Whiskey has always been poured neat into a shot glass at room temperature without any ice or mixers whatsoever……,… which is why as I understand they are called “sipping Whiskey”…… not just something you chuck into a glass and drown in Coke or whatever to get drunk upon :roll_eyes:

Even when I order a JD or any other quality Whiskey when out and about at a pub/club/restaurant…… it’s always just a single/double/triple shot in a glass, no ice, no mixers etc and simply enjoyed as a straight slow sipping whiskey :ok_hand:

Unfortunately in this modern day woke world, it’s becoming pretty much illegal for the bar staff to pour straight alcohol without any ice or mixers added to the mix :frowning:

I have managed to get away with being a bit flirty as a country bumpkin in the “big city” ordering straight shots over the bar……. But then they have posted security bouncers right at my table to make sure that I can “handle my alcohol” and am under constant surveillance to see if I make a single wrong move so that they have legitimate legal reasons to “eject me from the premises”. :rage:

So I’m into 2 dozen double shots of unmixed Whiskey into my system and being watched like a Hawk, and yet at the same time there’s 20+ year olds falling to the floor, getting loud/violent, starting arguments/fighting, battling to stand up on their own two feet and causing all sorts of bullshit immature drama against everyone……… but they are apparently less of a threat than my old blind bald arsed country hick sitting in the corner minding his own business? :roll_eyes:


Reminds me when I went to Glenelg after a wedding with friends, yup round of Bundies thanks. Sorry sir we don’t sell that as too many people fight. I said well fuckit then Jack’s at least like wtf :laughing:

I do have 2 dislikes West End Draught and Vomit Bombs. Can’t handle more than a couple guts bricked up and boom headache.

Drink a goon of tawny port and feel fine, 30 pack tooheys new no worries. I don’t know what it is but Westend drought and VomitBombs are packed with preservatives and shit could be that.

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Damn… I visited my sister in Seacliff once… got taken down the pub by my brother-in-law and got pummeled with Southwark… :face_vomiting: could never understand how anyone could drink that bilgewater.

After that I stuck to Cooper’s. :joy:

I don’t mix my spirits with anything… except gin, that gets tonic water… and I hate Coke with a passion.

Definitely would be a case of the premix cans getting to you the coke they put in those is sugary and disgusting, if you do your own mixers or on the rocks it’s nice, my go to for a couple of 18ths was gentleman jacks and ginger beer

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Had a chat with my Uncle, got talking about his time in soggy tissue just before BHD and here’s some pics he snapped.

Flew supplies and troops in to Baidoa on 707’s, then C130 from Baidoa to the Mog. Uncle said he had to drive one time from Baidoa to the Mog via… Landrover all 250klm. Got pummeled by rocks and mobs, one more rock and it was weapons levelled.

250klm in a Military LandRover is enough to break even the most hardened souls ……. and yet my ex ADF mate couldn’t help himself to spend the last two years doing a ground up restoration on this thing just so he could relive his pain and suffering on a daily basis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::roll_eyes:


Beautiful bit of engineering nice and simple…
Those seats look a lot more comfortable than the original ones.
Did he add more padding.

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I had a Defender for a main steed 10yrs. Great off road and up to 80klm/hr. Cab too small sit crunched up, noisy. Prick to do anything over a 100klm trip on.

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Yeah, put him onto a local lady who has been doing motor trimming for around 50 years now, and she discussed designs with my mate about adding extra padding for a lot more comfortable ride than the thin old hard flat seats :ok_hand:

Has added a couple more creature comforts such as the twin cheap Chinese fans for “air conditioning”, a Bluetooth Radio/Speaker combo, dual batteries, water tank/electric pump/shower hose, false floor in the rear to lay out the swag, electric vacuum pump for the braking system and made the big front bar from scratch :+1:

Now that it’s passed its licensing inspection, he’s going finish adding full bar work to the bumper to his own design :sunglasses:

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Good looking farm hack mate! :sunglasses::+1:

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Wow… that takes me back to the old clubbin’ days. :wink:

Great track. :+1:

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It is, I still crank it occassionally. Clubbing days hey, oh boy did I hit the clubs. Couple screwdrivers then on the dancefloor smoochin girls :rofl:

Not that long ago for me.

My missus asked me how I wanted to celebrate my 50th, I said I wanted to pull an all nighter doofing in my favourite psytrance club in Brunswick.

Mind you, that was over ten years ago now… time flies. :laughing:

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