The Shit Pit

" The cup, was never yours…"

I believe, this is quite appropriate.

There was a Ted Talk, by a former US, High Head of State, who held a high position…

He basically said…

" Years ago, when i was in XXX position…
I gave a speech, in this building.

I was picked up, in a armoured car.
I was escorted in , through the rear of the building…
When i came in, i was given a enamel coffee mug, just the way i like it.

They knew all this, and gave it to me…because i occupied a certain position.

Nowadays, i dont occupy that position…
And came to the same place, to give another speech…

I had to ring up a cab, and wait, to get here .
I walked in, no big deal, through the front door.
I’m not a big deal, in the govt, anymore…

I spoke to the janitor, he told me where the coffe machine was, and i got one , in a paper cup…

Moral of the story…

“That enamel cup, was never yours…”

It belongs to the position, not the person…

But, trump believes he owns, and is due…well, everything…

Doesn’t work like that. Told you before you need to state that in your ad. Plan b fuck em useless scammers anyway :+1:

Fakebook marketplace is a fucking joke…

Tried to list a few blasters to sell, got rejected because it “goes against policy and community standards” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Never mind the dozens of other identical listings that are up there already… so fucking inconsistent and not the first time this bit of hypocritical Facebook bullshit’s bitten me on the arse with blaster sales.

A warning to anyone getting into the hobby… you WILL struggle to find any way to sell blasters down the track if that’s what you choose to do. :roll_eyes:

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I deleted my Facebook account cos fb is rubbish.

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Went to the bottle-o, a got a 4 pack, of bourbon and cokes.


I looked in my wallet, and had… 2x$20’s…1x$5 …and a $2 coin.

I waited for him to say…thats $36.

I then placed the cash on the counter, and said “Theres $47, so a ten and a one back, please…”

He looked at me, stunned, non plussed look, as he lowered the eftpos machine…

“you’ve totally confused me”

I said " Theres $47. Minus the $36, is $11 change. So, a ten, and a one back please…"

He pulled out a calculator. I tried not to laugh.

He then gave me two $5’s and a $1 coin…

I fear, for our future…

Like the two gen z girls I heard talking on public transport recently about food…

One said “I really love steak”… the other said “I love animals, so I don’t eat meat… and cows are really cute.”

To which the first one said “Oh no, I could never eat a cow, they’re way too cute… but steak’s different… that’s not cow, you buy that at the supermarket.” :roll_eyes:

Absolutely 100% true story… even sadder when you consider that kids of that generation are gonna be the ones changing our nappies and wiping our arses when we’re laid up in nursing homes. :laughing:


When i worked, as a deck-hand, on vehicle Ferries (Circa early-mid 90’s)
Everything, was cash sales.

This included, the saloon bar.
Everything, was sold in 20c integers…

I.E. …
Sausage roll…$1
Meat Pie … $1.20
Sauce… $0.20c

Soft drink $1.20
Packet of chips… $1.20

and so on…

you would have, grubby german backpackers coming up…

" I vant 2 pies, 3 vb’s ,a sausage roll, 2 sauce und a packet crisps…!!"

You would have to remember it all, add it all up, count their money, and give change, in your head…

After a little while , it got surprisingly easy, you added it up as they gave their order…very rarely wrong, and if so , only by a small amount…

And, we were trusted to run a pure cash register, that ran large cash amounts…

Those were the days…!!

It used to amaze me how hard some people found it to work out percentage discounts in their head. And, let’s face it, most discount percentages are usually pretty easy to work out when it’s somewhere between 5% and 25%, usually in increments of 5%.

Not to be a smart arse, but mental arithmetic always came easy to me, must just be the way my melon’s wired. Handy when you spend most of your working life in a field of engineering that requires constant calculations. Handy as a parent too, when it’s time to help your kids with homework. :+1:

Nowadays I reach for the calc more because it’s a “use it or lose it” scenario… retirement does have it’s drawbacks. :laughing:

All I do is price x (100 - discount)/100.

So it the discount is 30% then I just calculate price x 0.7.


Yea facebook is a bear. I had a line on a Yamaha WR250z 93, had the cash, not far away. Cunt didn’t msg me until 8pm and says how soon can you get here as I was first in line. I said well I’m about to go to bed . Cancelled all comms. So I was right fuck you jack. After 2 days of msgs :roll_eyes:

Haha that is hilarious.

I mean how hard is it, 1 + 1 equals a window :laughing:

That’s no word of a lie. My ex her 14yo daughter. Na food gets made in the Woolies freezer around the corner and why am I fkn around doing this as it comes out the shop freezer where it’s made. I kid you not I was , umm oookk young one.

Chinese manufacturing standards :roll_eyes:

This flash hider looked fine in the store… got it home and screwed it on. The 14mm CCW thread had been tapped so out of square that the thing was hanging off my outer barrel at about a 5° angle.

As a machinist myself I’m floored as to how any skilled operator could fail to see how far out it was while being tapped. To make it worse, the back face of the flash hider was square to that wonky thread, so you’re double rooted when it’s screwed down hard onto the outer barrel shoulder.

Some creative fettling and it’s now fit for purpose although no longer a screw on item, more a friction fit.

And that standard of manufacture, my friends, is the reason why I’d rather drink a pint of my own diarrhea than buy a Chinese made car. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

:laughing: I swear they are taking the piss with things like posted above. China can actually make decent quality products but you got to pay for it even then it’s pot luck. Screws and SHS that have 8.8 grade stamp on them, err no they are like butter. Nowhere even close to grade 8.8. Makes them easy to remove when they of course break half way to torque specs.

I owned a Chinese 200cc road trail bike once… during a time of financial stress, and only because it got me to work and back for sweet FA.

In the 18 months I rode it the underpowered Honda clone never failed to start, I’ll give it that. Never got the front wheel off the ground either. :laughing:

But all the bolts on it corroded, the switchgear fell apart, the cables stretched and the fairings faded from red to pink and turned brittle because the plastic the manufacturer used was not UV stabilised and was probably the same plastic that Nerf guns are made of.

When the rear spokes started popping I got the back wheel relaced and flogged it off to a farmer for $100 who wanted a low powered trailie for his young son to thrash around on the property. :man_shrugging:

I’ll never buy a Chinese made vehicle again… Korean, yes… Chinese? Not on your life.

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Exactly, even Thailand which is ramping up as a major manufacturing country make to standards, Japanese, South Korea all make products to standards.

Trouble with China they do not adhere to any western standards and make stuff however they want and churn it out. Yes it might be cheaper in a lot of cases but try and buy some of their high quality items and 9 times out of ten it is more expensive.

In my experience anyway. Some of China’s middle of road items can be ok, but depends also what you are expecting. Want a dirt bike to last you 10 years with easy parts support, don’t buy chinese. There are a couple exceptions but again things like a GPX TSE250R aren’t sold in Australia as it’s more expensive or same price as a Beta or KTM.

As an ABC I can understand the trashy quality of the stuff coming out of China is trashy. I even find it a fun past-time to rag on “made in China” goods.


All iphone Apple are all made in China, but made to a standard because of the parent US Apple company demands it and why they are so expensive yet other phones and pc’s on the market made in Korea, taiwan, malaysia are cheaper and better depending on the users view. Read some articles Apple was looking to shift production to Vietnam awhile back.

Now they’re being made in India so we’ll probably see that be more commonplace.

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Na they’re not Foxxcon who builds iphones mostly in China but also globally from various countries.