Today, USA...( or, im in trump territory, and have to worry about concealed carry citizens..)

As the Nike add says
“Just do it”

My son owns a Barret and a full auto Ak, a Gm6 Linx it’s a 50 bmg bull pup and 27 other rifles/hand guns .
So the next time you come over you will only have to pay for the ammo.
In saying that we can go through $300 in a day no worries between us

He has a range on the ranch


Oh hell yes you are doing it. They have a very nice selection. MP7 are rare, BAR, AC556 and and god damn!

Excuse me while I go touch myself

I should have brought the Pulse rifle shroud kit over, fitted it to the tommy, and
" Live fired", a pulse rifle…!! :rofl: :rofl:

This one? :wink:

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Can you talk him into buying a Minigun, for next time…!!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Vicpol would be having a cardiac arrest, looking sideways at a shrouded air rifle…!!

Your looking at a wall full of beautiful heavy big ass ww2 guns and you want to shoot an mp7, someone needs to drug test u asap

Come over to the states, squiddy…for a visit…

I need you to stand, in a particular place, at a particular time…!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

If i say “Its time to go to Target”, am i talking about the chain store.?.? :rofl: :rofl:

At least with an mp-7, you get a full mag…

I reckon, the big belt fed 7.62’s they would give you a very, very small belt…

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What makes you think they’d give you a small belt Americas 7.62 supply is larger then there food supply

If your shooting a mp7 it’ll feel like being shot by a bb gun

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Because its a commercial operation…

$60 per gun, wont go very far, covering 7.62 ammo…

You can tell me about it afterwards…!! :rofl: :rofl:

Tommy’s fair enough…vintage kit, .45 shells, a bit of fun.

M-60, a must.,

The 1919… i suspect not much ammo, per go.

Hitlers buzzsaw would be cool to do , as well…i’ll just have to see how much ammo they give you, and how much they charge, for extra…


Go the $180 3 gun one. Reading the website you get one magazine per gun or 1 belt. Doesn’t say how many in the belt.

Have fun tomorrow/today… bastard :rofl:

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i would love to go to texas for some brisket.


May have gone for a wander today…

No, i didn’t buy it…



I love brisket
I might consider my self slightly overweight.
But give me 12 months living in Texas
I am ether going to die from obesity.
Or inhaling excessive amounts of gun powder residue.



May have had a accidental slip of the credit card…


$50 for the SPAS…
$160 for Bazza Burtons Blasta…!

How could i not…!!

It looks like we will be staying a few more days…
Meaning, they pay us a few days more allowance…

Costs covered.!


Mini review time…first up the SPAS…

Generic chinese brand, it comes with one shell, that holds 30 bb’s, and does 10 “3 bb shots”…lauching 3 at once. It comes with a speed loader, to force them down the internally sprung shell. You need to lever the gate open, and feed the single shell in.

It is solidly built, no stock, full size, and decent Quality plastic. I actually prefer the UDL, as its shell ejecting, feeds shells properly, the feed gate works normally etc.

It has one stiff spring…!!
Almost need two hands to rack it, it bangs out 3 bb’s with enough force to travel far, and shatter the bb’s at close range, on a hard surface…!! It advertises 330 fps, but thats with .12g bb’s. Im sure it will sting, ill see how it goes with an apple test…! :rofl: :rofl:

The safety works, and you can slam fire it…
Hold the trigger down, and it fires as fast as you can rack the slide…
Which is slow, as its a 2 hander job…!!

All in all, a bargain for $50…see what the yanks have to pay…!!!

I wish we had the UDL, firing these shells…!


Apple test…nice triangle pattern…reminds me of the predators sight.!

Decent penetration…about 4-5 cm…pretty good result for 3 bb’s from one shot…!!

Not bad, for $50…!!

I reckon it’ll sting, up close…!!

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