What are you watching today?

DCS has the F18C in it too, real easy to fly. As I’m not real good it’s a good one for me :laughing:

This fella was in a hurry to get here :laughing:
British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps travels from Canberra to Adelaide on RAAF fighter jet after meeting with Anthony Albanese - ABC News

DCS RAAF https://youtu.be/sQuB2P_NXu8?si=anLs6ewwCcdPnkBZ

Can’t help watching some yanks farm in Daisy Dukes…

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Got an email once from a friend that was a tech rep on F18’s out of Lemoore in CA. He was testing the new comms set up from the back seat of an F18 flying from Chicago back to Lemoore. He often got carrier duty when they had a problem on board and he would often get the back seat of an F18 that was heading for the carrier

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I’ve got all the US (full fidelity) planes/helis in DCS and the F18 is the most useful. I’ve probably only learnt 25% of it, and that’s enough to get good at ground strikes in undefended areas (AA/SAMs etc). Air combat not of much interest to me as not relevant to any recent wars. The F16 is the nicest to fly and I prob learnt that to a similar level. It has the better cluster munitions. The F15 remains pretty much unflown, as does the F14. I felt like i would have to unlearn much of the F18 to fly those effectively.

But best of all is the Apache. I’ve got that learnt to 50%+ i think, and consider myself pretty efficient flying combat missions. I’ve built some baddas maps using the Persian Gulf terrain in proxy of Afghanistan, that are pretty close to the CAS/QRF missions flown to support troops in contact. That chain gun against insurgents in the fruit/olive groves is exceptional. Under FLIR it looks just like the footage from a real strike.

The Huey gets an honourable mention too - have set up many dust off missions under fire using the Marianas map. Its the only jungle map too. so is my proxy for Vietnam. They are supposed to be releasing a WWII era version without any of the modern infrastructure/roads etc - that will do very nicely.

The go to though is always the free Su-25 + Caucus map. Very good proxy for Europes war at the moment, and i love lofting salvos of S-5 rockets into defended positions, out of range of AA, MANPADs etc, then pulling a hard left out of there. I mark my release point on the map with a smoke marker so I know where to pull up to 30deg and fire (bloody fields and treelines all look the same). Works perfect, just like ive seen being done for real in Youtube clips.

Fun times!

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Nice! I too have the F16 which is great to fly, F14, F15E and Apache along with the F18 and Flaming Cliffs 3 all those planes.

I haven’t played DCS in a while been playing other things in my limited time. Barely got to lift off with the Apache stage and haven’t even loaded the F15E yet. Not too bad with the F18 liked doing Harpoon self made missions blowing up boats from miles away. F16 I can fly it just not down with the weapon systems yet. The F14 I did some carrier ops a long while ago then shelved it mostly. Should try that again as I haven’t even tried the carrier module I bought. :joy: Lots to do in DCS. Superb game.

I was reading last night Afghanistan map is coming along DCS: Afghanistan Announcement - Page 2 - DCS: Afghanistan - ED Forums

What Hotas you use?

TM HOTAS Warthog and TM Pro Pedals (i think). Yeh I saw that the Assbagistan map was coming. Very much looking forward to JDAMing Tora Bora!

This is super satisfying to watch on a wet Sunday - a massive “radial-axial ring roller” in action and some biiiig forging presses at work.

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Binge watching vehicle restoration videos

and some back issues of Iron Trap Garage

Been aying in bed feeling like hell for a few daysso the list is as follows:
Doctor strange (both since i never watched them)
Shooter tv series
Designated suvivor
9-1-1 lone star (spin off from the main series set in texas)


still haven’t watched masters of the air yet… ffs.

It was good, I liked it :+1:

Its on my list to get to but would need to sub to Apple+ to get it. Is it as good as Band of Brothers or The Pacific? Would be hard to match BoB.

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Na not quite Bob but not far off imo.

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BOB is the better of the two i’ve seen but then it’s different aspects of the war. I did think the pacific did drag on for a few episodes at the beginning but it built up speed when the began invading peleliu.

yeh, it grew on my though after a rewatch. Far more brutal than BoB

Just back onto the feral pig shooting. I just read about a recent Court decision where a North Queensland cane farmer was refused an application for a Category D weapons licence for a semi-automatic rifle he claimed was needed for culling feral pigs. The Court accepted the Police argument that shooting from the ground was less effective than aerial shooting or poisoning.

so a farmer has to manage the overhead of a baiting program rather then give him the kinetic tools to deal with pests on sight?? or he needs to buy a helicopter?

i shouldnt be surpirsed though. That sounds like the kind of BS we would expect from the police & courts.


Have a friend who is ex-AFP CERT. Got knocked back for a semi-auto licence for use on his property. Probably petty jealousy on the part of licencing office. Can’t have a guy who has thousands of rounds and trained and served with an M4 have a semi-auto to cull his feral animals

Aust Police forces specifically recruit petty types of personality. It’s neccesary for them to maximise their revenue via enforcement quotas. Logic or reason does not make money.

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