What Did You Get Up To Today?

Are they rainbow seeding? Coloured chem trails are a conspiracy theory

Absolutely stunning……. best I’ve seen yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey all, have not been around the forum last last few months, and have not been gel blasting since almost this time last year and have not had the drive to do so sadley. So looking to cull some blasters as they are just growing dust at the moment and it would get me some cash to get s15 back on the road, looking to keep some incase i get into it again but yeah i dont need as many as i have. I have ad on facebook if anyone is interested to check it out, i live in logan area.

Do you have a link, to your ads.?

Hey bme, i actually dont know how to get a link out of facebook through the app.

Ad title is “cyma, aps, double bell, toys” try to be somewhat vauge to get it onto facebook market place.

Dont reckon their will be much of interest to you that you wouldnt already have or have something similar.

currently updating my 3d printer firmware.

i am doing a whole lot of waiting.

waiting for 3d printer parts to arrive

waiting for 3d printer parts to come back into stock.

ooh so the code on its own counts towards the min 20 chars… fancy.

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Some spectacular sunsets, yesterday arvo…

This one above, looks like the head of a chinese
dragon (facing right), mouth slightly open, horn bending backwards…

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I had some beauties too, no pics unfortunately.

Red sky at night shepards delight, red sky in the morning shepards warning :wink:

Flight manages to land despite hailstones DESTROYING front of plane (msn.com)

Wow that’s a good effort on the pilots back to instruments definitely no VFR going on after that. Jeez I would’ve shat bricks :laughing:

Wondering when the best time to visit brissie to try gelsoft.

Now’s a good time. Definitely not between November and March… storm season.

Queensland winters are magnificent.

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I can imagine being pelted with gel balls like I am in a firing line.

Browsing 3d model sites for stuff to make, got a few interesting things to work on also got a laugh thanks to a member here unexpectedly popping up in my searches.

Dont mind me @DChapo just gonna download this really quick.