What Did You Get Up To Today?

And I am the reason why I hate doing CS.

There are a bunch of on-forward shippers who allocate a tracking number even before they have received the item from the supplier. You can tell when it has been physically sent because the first tracking message you get after the number is allocated, is the message when it is received by an Australia Post outlet. Until that time it still hasn’t left the vendor

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The store said they shipped it Tuesday but nothing has changed.

Maybe I am just getting bloody impatient haha.

Try having something sent over a suburb away in QLD only for it to end up at Melbourne airport, and no less than 3 separate calls to get it back to you 3 weeks later.

I don’t need more grey hairs, so will just have to chillax haha.

Now I just want to sleep the day away.

Or better yet get your new phone sim card sent from Victoria, to Perth then Disappear in Brisbane to get to SA.

I am not joking either, I couldn’t believe it. Aramex at it’s finest. :rofl: :laughing:

Been looking at job postings too and gosh I feel like I am screwed.

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There is heaps of jobs available but depends what you have your sights set on. Labour shortage at Victoria abattoirs for last couple years only running at 60% capacity because of labour, not supply/demand.

Heaps of Mining jobs fly in fly out (fifo), $3k per week driving dump trucks or whatever floats your boat they train you on the job, feed you, accommodate you, fly you in, fly you out. Exact is the better company to work for their likely go Olympic Dam as they are on the expand phase now big time. Maybe the underground city gold mine in WA. Massive and only getting bigger. If you can hack diesel and dirt you’ll fit right in.

I do more graphic design stuff. Maybe I need a new career.

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Doesn’t hurt to broaden your scope. I did. I was working in the now non existent automotive industry in Australia.

Glad I did. Decided to give farming a crack and I did not know the front of a sheep to the back but you soon learn. Interesting learning new things for me.

Just my outlook on things anyway. Hope it helps you move forward in life cheers :+1:

bought my games off the steam sale. they do not fill the void.

Thinking I should learn how to use a soldering iron haha.

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Dead easy if you use liquid flux. :+1:

You’ll be soldering wires like a champ in no time and it’s a very handy skill to have in this hobby. 75% of the mods and repairs I do involve soldering. :wink:

Handy when I do stuff for 3d printing.

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Maybe time to start a soldering how to thread? :person_shrugging:

I use flux cored wire and flux paste purely because most of my soldering is not on clean things like blasters and is on old shitty machinery that is older than me.

That’s an idea, Maiphut :clap: questions about soldering technique seem to come up pretty regularly.

I like using Bakers liquid flux… if the wiring allows I dunk the bare end in a shallow tray of the stuff or use a really fine modelling brush to apply.

As you’d know, solder flows beautifully with it and providing your iron’s not Chernobyl hot it speeds the process up so you’re not putting too much heat into the components. :+1: